Facts is Facts: Supply Side Economics Has Been an Epic Failure

Sometimes there isn’t a mountaintop high enough to shout out the obvious: SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS HAS BEEN AN UNMITIGATED DISASTER! Period, end of discussion.

The facts are as clear as the nose on your face.  Not only has this bastard-child of an economic scheme been responsible for the bulk of the U.S. debt over the last three decades, which the vaunted defenders of the faith fail to even acknowledge, it has been responsible for the biggest upward redistribution of wealth in this country since the 1800s – the time of the great land barons.

Just take a gander at the data from the chart above.  Read it and weep.  It’s easy to understand how Republicans can continue to sell a failed and morally bankrupt economic philosophy to the American public; it’s all they have left.  What still befuddles the mind is how the American public keeps on buying it.