Marco Rubio Lies About His Cuban Narrative And Then Defends Lie

Author: October 24, 2011 9:10 am

So you know how Republican Congressman and tea party darling, Mark Rubio (R-FL), used a riveting narrative involving his parents’ escape from communist Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Well, it was quite a riveting story. But there was just one tiny and insignificant problem with the whole story that makes Mark Rubio one of the worst people in the world: it didn’t actually involve Marco Rubio’s parents.

Congressman Rubio may want to rethink exploiting the “My mommy and daddy survived Castro.” campaign theme after the Washington Post discovered documents that show Rubio’s parents arrived in the United States from Cuba more that 2 1/2 years before Fidel Castro came to power on January 1, 1959. During that super happy rich and bloated fun time when American puppet Fulgencio Batista (he was also in the Godfather Pt. 2) ruled Cuba, Marco Rubio’s parents decided enough was enough. Technically speaking, Rubio’s parents did flee a brutish dictator, but the one they deplored was very Republican-friendly and would’ve been a frontrunner in today’s upside down GOP presidential circus. Backed by the U.S. after overthrowing the elected President (we really seem addicted to doing that), Batista aligned himself with the wealthy plutocrats and forbade democratic mainstays like organized labor strikes. As a result of his fascist policies, unemployment skyrocketed, wages sunk and the middle-class disappeared (kinda like here). Perhaps 15 or even 10 years ago this seemingly poignant narrative would’ve held up regardless of party affiliation, but today’s Republican party thinks students and families desire to actually eat more than once a week is Marxist socialism. With today’s deranged GOP, it’s more politically palatable to invoke the name of that dreaded, bearded socialist in a tracksuit than the guy who might have agreed that corporations are people.

Marco Rubio is especially the worst person in the world because he’s consistently jumped on the ridiculously fallacious and outright fox news inspired fantasy that Barack Obama is anti-business (never mind all the Goldman Sachs people in his cabinet). Further, that Obama is hell-bent on transforming America into a land of marching and starvation. Rubio’s falsified narrative is what made him into a GOP star, especially within the Tea Party. Rubio contended that Obama’s America resembles the Castro-led Cuba from which his parents were denied a better life.

Rubio at CPAC:

Almost every other country in the world chose to have the government run the economy. They chose to allow government to decide which companies survive and fail. They chose to allow government to determine which industries are to be rewarded. But the problem is that when government controls the economy, those who can influence government keep winning, and everybody else just stays the same. And so in those countries, the employee never becomes the employer, the small business can never compete with a big business, and no matter how hard your parents work or how many sacrifices they make, if you weren’t born into the right family in those countries, there’s only so far you can go.

Now, we’ve had our excesses here in America, but for the better part of 234 years, Americans have chosen something very different, Americans chose individual liberty instead of the false security of government. Americans chose a limited government that exists to protect our rights, not to grant them.

Americans chose a free enterprise system designed to provide a quality of opportunity, not compel a quality of results. And that is why this is only place in the world where you can open up a business in the spare bedroom of your home.

That was Rubio back in february of 2010. This was before America made the apocalyptic decision to give these cancers control of Congress, and certainly before Americans started to wake up from their Corporate American induced coma and began to realize that it ‘s the gangsters on Wall Street inflicting the harm, as evidenced by the growing number of Americans who support the Occupy Wall street movement.

Not wanting to actually admit he made such a gross miscalculation, Rubio shot back in a hardy defense of his statements.

To suggest my family’s story is embellished for political gain is outrageous. The dates I have given regarding my family’s history have always been based on my parents’ recollections of events that occurred over 55 years ago and which were relayed to me by them more than two decades after they happened. I was not made aware of the exact dates until very recently.

What’s important is that the essential facts of my family’s story are completely accurate. My parents are from Cuba. After arriving in the United States, they had always hoped to one day return to Cuba if things improved and traveled there several times. In 1961, my mother and older siblings did in fact return to Cuba while my father stayed behind wrapping up the family’s matters in the U.S. After just a few weeks living there, she fully realized the true nature of the direction Castro was taking Cuba and returned to the United States one month later, never to return.

They were exiled from the home country they tried to return to because they did not want to live under communism. That is an undisputed fact and to suggest otherwise is outrageous.

But then, oddly enough, Rubio’s website just magically changed a day later to reflect the Washington Post’s “outrageous” findings. I suppose the moral of the story is be careful what you embellish for political gain.

Michael is a comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, who co-wrote an award-nominated comedy, wrote for NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for affiliated Cagle. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Seriously, follow him or he’ll send you photos of Rush Limbaugh bending over in a thong.

Edited by Wendy Gittleson

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  • Is Marco eligible to be president?? His parents were not citizens when ge was born.

  • It is still a lie even if you get me to believe it! In fact if you get anybody to believe it, makes you a pathological liar!

  • Marco – you made an error based on what you believed was truth. Okay that can happen to anyone especially an immigrant family member. Parents don’t always remember the facts exactly as they happened and as a child you knew what they said to be true was true. It has been researched and shown to have flaws in the tale so admit it and move on. If you are going to concoct a story you will only come out looking like a liar and a fool. People can understand if you tell the truth. Don’t listen to the Republican advisers. You seem like a nice person even if you are Republican. The corporates support is important but your attitude toward the working class Americans is shameful. How the support from your district? Ya getting much money? Lie to them and you’ll have to have corporate support. Right now you are on very thin ice. Crack the ice and you still can get wet even in Florida – real wet.

  • Let’s see Biden says rape went up when it went down, making people to think rape will increase. Obama and Hilary go around the country saying 90% of the guns in Mexico come from the U.S. when it was more like 10%, To help support their claim they have a secret project where the government sends guns to the Mexican bad guys, then try to cover up the operation until have a whistle blower who then gets fired. Now we have Rubio who is against communism and is for the American dream and free enterprise misstate why he thought his parents left Cuba. Get a life you S.M.F.

    • YOU get a life. You make unsubstantiated claims and defend a known liar. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Kiss our collective asses, you fool.

    • Liar lover He knows were he came from and when he all so got a lot of extra votes for that lie and he is right up the ass of the American 1% trying to get the greedy fat pockets his votes have proved that. Were do you think he got all that money from. S.M.F he probably borrowed it from Rick Scott.

  • Cindy Schneider

    Lie, Lie, Lie, then when caught Deny, Deny, Deny. Rubio is just another Lying Republican, in a field of many. Their motto is tell the lie long enough maybe people will believe it. When confronted, blame it on your parents, your son, your staff, etc. DISGUSTING!!

  • What a great speech Rubio made, I’m sure glad you posted it here. Rubio has my vote, big deal he grew up thinking comunism is bad. I agree with him, free enterprise and capitalism is what this country stands for. This is a great man, too bad the author’s not.

  • Scummy politician is scum.

  • This little honesty checker that checks to make sure it is a human posting, will not let me post. This is try number 2, wonder if it will post yet?

  • Truth is always truth, even if the liars still get people to believe the lies.

  • Saje Williams

    “It’s not a lie if I can get you to believe it.”

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