Peacefully Protesting Marine Shot Point Blank By Police During Violent ‘Occupy Oakland’ Raid (VIDEO)

Author: October 26, 2011 9:56 am

During the Monday night raid by police of ‘Occupy Oakland,’ a Marine veteran named Scott Olsen was shot point blank by either rubber bullets or beanbags, RT reports. The shooting left him bloodied and unconscious. Other protesters screamed for a medic.

Here’s the video:

It’s truly a sad thing when our soldiers are shot at by their own countrymen. The police involved ought to be ashamed to call themselves Americans.


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  • Danny Ray- when people come at first, they will be your people (1% controlled police, etc.). Second time, you will be nowhere to be found. :)
    Oakland has always interested me. Back from the ‘stuff’ in 1969 the Cops were pricks. Always was amused that San Fran was hard knocks as well. Liberal ‘Frisco busted people up. At least returning through Arizona they openly hated us. Seattle started peaceful.

  • Are you kidding me? Between this type of thing and the removal of folks silently protesting in WI, where is America? It certainly seems like they’re taking it away.


  • We will not forget this transgression, we have not forgotten Kent State, nor Chicago, or Watts, we will not forgive this or any violence perpetrated by citizens or police ir even armed troops if it comes to that. We will not leave nor be chased away. We are proud Americans and we know what we want and who has taken it from us. Expect us, you will not know the day nor the hour but know this; we are coming and we are coming for those that wrap themselves in our glorious flag while dishonoring our Constitution and our citizens. If you are among those you should be aware you should be wary you should think clearly on what side you stand. There have been many tyrants in this world that have miscalculated the lengths at which the American people will go to secure our future, protect our homes, and keep our families safe be careful when you contemplate force against us for we are many and we come, soon.

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