Right-Wing Filmmaker Gives Away Bongs And Che Guevara Rolling Papers At Occupy Wall Street

Evan Coyne Maloney, who’s been called the conservative¬†answer to Michael Moore, occupied Occupy Wall Street with his film crew, a bunch of ‘gotcha’ questions and some ‘hippie pothead’ bling.

Maloney is apparently best known for a film about political correctness in education, called “IndoctrinateU.” According to Crooks and Liars, Maloney is marketed by Donor’s Trust, a non-profit which is funded by the Koch Brothers along with other conservative operatives.

The video below is kind of all over the place, especially in the beginning, but around the 4:40 mark, a protester confronts Maloney about the fact that he is handing out bongs and rolling papers instead of things the protesters can actually use, like blankets and food. The protester accuses Maloney of essentially planting the paraphernalia in an attempt to show the protesters in a bad light on Fox News. Maloney replies, “I don’t know if they’ll pick it up. Maybe you’ll see it on CNN.”

The right-wing discredits those who scare them, so obviously, OWS is making its impact. The bad news is that their attempts to discredit often work. Just ask Van Jones, Acorn, NPR, Planned Parenthood and Shirley Sherrod.