‘Hitler Was Sent By God’ According To Pastor Involved With Rick Perry Prayer Event

It’s funny how deeply hypocrisy runs through the Right. On the one hand, The tiniest criticism of Israel brings forth a deluge of outrage from Republicans and RW pundits followed closely by accusations of Antisemitism. One of the many (many) smears the right is currently trying to apply to Occupy Wall St. is that of being Antisemitic. It hasn’t stuck but not for lack of trying.

On the other hand, the Religious Right is happily looking forward to the death of all unconverted Jews when Jesus Christ returns and the removal of Israel from the face of the Earth. Usually, this fact is politely overlooked by both neoconservatives and their hawkish Jewish allies that are more interested in what the United States can do for Israel than in the welfare of country they actually live in. If you think I am being unfair, honestly ask yourself how the Right would view, say, a militant Muslim group that pushed American-Muslim relations to the detriment of America. Right, that’s how liberals feel but without the violent hatred. Now that we have that sorted out, let’s move on.

As I said, usually the conservative religious distaste for “The Jews” is kept at arms’ length and the more radical elements kept out of the spotlight but, as with many of the more extreme conservative positions, they haven’t been putting much effort into keeping it quiet.

Enter Mike Bickle, head of the unironically named “International House of Prayer”, or IHOP for short. Mr. Bickle was one the pastors deeply involved with Rick Perry’s now infamous prayer event in which Perry prayed for, among other things, the wildfires to be put out even as he slashed the budget for the states’ Forest Service which deals with the majority of these blazes.

Mr. Bickles is not a fan of the Jewish community. For years he has been preaching that those of the Jewish faith that do not convert will be condemned to prison camps (aka concentration camps). The crown jewel of this hysteria is his endorsement of Hitler. Yes, you read that correctly.

From one of Bickles’ sermons:

The Lord says, “I’m going to give all 20 million of the the chance to respond to the Fisherman and I give them grace.” And he says, “And if they don’t respond to grace, I’m going to raise up the hunters.” And the most famous hunter in history is a man named Adolf Hitler.

Got that? Hitler was an agent of the Lord and the Holocaust against the Jews was their own fault for not believing in Christ. Before anyone becomes indignant and insists I’m putting words in Bickles’ mouth, you had better come up with a viable alternate interpretation of his words or don’t waste my time.

Go ahead, watch it and tell me he really meant something else.

Now, it is true that Rick Perry himself has not publicly endorsed this view. It could be that he finds it as offensive as the rest of us do. What is indisputable is that despite this radical and hateful rhetoric, Perry included Bickles in his prayer meeting. Either Perry did not care about his twisted view of Christianity or did not do his due diligence when vetting the participants for his “unofficial” start of his presidential campaign.

Either way, this is an embarrassment for Perry that is going curiously under-reported.

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