Bryan Fischer Of American Family Association Says Jesus Would ‘Take A Whip’ To OWS Protesters

The right-wing’s hatred of the Occupy movement is obvious. Republican politicians and right wing media outlets have tried to paint the movement as anti-semitic, communist, socialist, fascist, lazy, greedy, etc… But now the right wing is bringing Jesus into the equation, as usual, and in the twisted minds of the conservatives, Jesus would side with the greedy wealthy bankers.

According to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, Jesus would oppose the peaceful protesters of OWS and would do violence to them.

In an October 28, 2011 piece for Rightly Cornered, Fischer writes,

“A CNN anchor asked earlier this week whether or not Jesus would occupy Wall Street.

That question can be answered with a categorical “No.”

First, Jesus has no truck with rank, blatant hypocrites. The OWS crowd has now fallen to squabbling over who gets a slice of the $500,000 which has been donated to them, and which, by the way, they put in one of the evil, greedy banks they are out to destroy.

Secondly, Jesus has no truck with those whose entire agenda is to flagrantly disobey two of the Ten Commandments of God.

God said, “Thou shalt not steal,” a commandment Jesus affirmed on numerous occasions. Stealing is wrong, and it doesn’t make it right when government does it under color of law.

And the OWS crowd is animated by a thoroughly ugly disregard for the 10th Commandment as well. God says, “Thou shalt not covet…any thing that is thy neighbor’s.” And yet the Occupiers are driven by a dark, bitter, resentful, angry and acquisitive greed for stuff that belongs to other people.

I submit that no political program that is predicated on a violation of twenty percent of God’s moral law can possibly be right, can possibly work, or can possibly be good for America.

Jesus took a whip to the thieves and the covetous in his day. If he were to come back and do the same thing today, he just might start in Zuccotti Park.

In other words, he might occupy Wall Street after all.”

It’s funny that Fischer would talk about stealing and coveting considering that the big bankers and numerous corporations are guilty of both and more. Wall Street has stolen hundreds of billions if not trillions from the American people over the last thirty years. And they want to steal more. Fischer’s claims about Jesus are also insulting. Jesus was all about social and economic justice and would definitely not “take a whip” to the OWS protesters. He would stand with them against the money-changers and those who defend them. So, it’s more likely Jesus would “take a whip” to Bryan Fischer.