Amendment To Overturn Citizens United Introduced In Senate

On Tuesday, Senators Tom Udall (D-NM) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) introduced a Constitutional amendment which would overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which gave corporations unlimited ability to influence elections.

If passed, the amendment would allow Congress and the states to regulate campaign financing.

“As we head into another election year, we are about to see unprecedented amounts of money spent on efforts to influence the outcome of our elections,” Udall said. “With the Supreme Court striking down the sensible regulations Congress has passed, the only way to address the root cause of this problem is to give Congress clear authority to regulate the campaign finance system.”

“The Supreme Court’s reversal of its own direction in the Citizens United decision and other recent cases has had a major effect on our election system,” said Bennet.

“State legislatures and Congress now may not be allowed to approve even small regulations to our campaign finance system. This proposal would bring some badly needed stability to an area of law that has been thrown off course by the new direction the Court has taken.”

Passage of a Constitutional amendment requires a 2/3 majority approval in both the House and the Senate. Unless all Democratic members and some Republican members vote for the amendment, it will not pass. Once it does pass the House and Senate, it will be sent to the states. 3/4th’s of the states will need to ratify the amendment before it becomes finalized.

To help pass the amendment, please contact your Senators and the Senate leadership.