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  1. James
    December 31, 2011

    Really interesting. I’d like to share it around, but I’m hesitant only because there are no citations. Where does this stuff come from? I don’t doubt your truthfulness specifically. But it’s good practice to know the sources, as I’ll bet you’d agree. Any help with identifying your sources for me would be appreciated. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Wayde Delafield
    December 30, 2011

    Dave and Chris are confusing torture with vigorously defending the United States of America (i.e. water boarding and enhanced interrogation techniques), which prevented additional 9-11 type terrorist attacks by Islamic fascists that would gleefully kill millions of Americans in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, our barbaric enemies would cut off our heads even liberal ones if we were captured. Like it or not, we can either defend ourselves as we are embroiled in World War III with Muslim extremist’s whose mission statement is to destroy the infidels or sit back and be murdered. Let me ask a simple question, would you water board a jihadist if he had information that would save your wife or a loved one or if this could stop multiple nuclear bombs from being detonated in the United States of America?

    Regarding the excessive spending, it’s the Democrats who are addicted to spending on steroids featuring Socialist clones like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and President Obama that have absolutely, positively no intention to curtail world record deficits and debt that will lead to economic Armageddon. One of the Conservative pundits (Steve Forbes) described Obama’s nearly $7 trillion dollars in deficit spending in just four years if the latest debt ceiling is raised through 2012 as “child abuse” as our children and grandchildren will be slaves to these immoral spending sprees. Conversely, President George W. Bush managed to increase the debt $4 trillion during two terms. Republicans have been guilty of not fighting vigorously enough, especially with the wimpy Majority Leader John Bonoir in the House of Representatives. But, the GOP in 2012 and beyond is our only hope of reversing the collision course with final permanent bankruptcy for our country.

  3. Dave
    November 4, 2011

    Well said Chris. The modern GOP is infested with too many neoconservatives, who advocate the war, torture, and excessive spending you mentioned.

  4. Chris-TheFold
    November 2, 2011

    Most people who identify themselves today as conservative aren’t. They’re Republican.

    For example, there’s nothing conservative in the least bit about doubling the national debt, creating a $1.3 trillion budget deficit, issuing 8 government funded tax payer bailouts of private industry, a state-sanctioned policy of torture or an endless war program. There’s just nothing conservative about any of that. Yet the people who voted twice for such policies resoundingly call themselves conservative. It’s delusional.

    The GOP does not have a monopoly on conservatism. And certainly conservatism has nothing to do with modern Republicanism.

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