Republican Economic Sabotage Is Working.

It is no secret that the Republicans want President Obama to become a ‘One Term President.’ They are trying to stifle the economic recovery in order to make the slow recovery his ‘Waterloo.’ Throughout the President’s term, the Republicans have filibustered and otherwise prevented Bills from being passed which might have created jobs. Instead of working to pass such bills the Republicans waste valuable time and resources to work on foolish and unnecessary legislation such as the ‘In God We Trust’ motto adoption, reaffirmation, poke someone’s eye out… or whatever it was, even though Congress adopted a stay on commemorative bills in 2010!

True to form, the Republicans have never stopped trying to distract the unsuspecting, inattentive and uninformed  ‘Sarah Palin/Rush Limbaugh’ base.  They are speeding along full blast trying to destabilize the working class in many various attacks that only serve to drive a larger wedge between the Rich and the dwindling middle class.

They are actively trying to remove the unions, which are the workers last hope of standing up to vicious companies that try to squeeze the lifeblood out of them for the greater good of the bottom line. They are trying to stop the spending on various projects geared to create jobs. They are continuing their attack on women’s rights to choose and their right to get proper health care.

They have already started to run their ads against the President, falsely suggesting that the President has failed to bring the unemployment rate down…while not telling the public that this slow economic recovery is a direct result of the Republicans’ mischief and stalling tactics.

The Republicans are all but foaming at the mouth trying to get Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid stripped bare, privatized or altogether removed. The mission of Republicans has always been to dismantle the middle class and make the 1% the lords over the country. They have always been for the corporations and against the public as a whole, something I think has the faint smell and stink of veiled Fascism, although they are wily enough to not overplay their hand according to some more polite opinions than mine.

The new breed of Tea Party Republicans in office now are just the same old group who claim that Government is the problem while in the same hypocritical voice are saying “Elect me!”  I hasten to ask them…If you don’t like Government why do you want to be the Government?

Just take a look at the current Republican candidates running for the Republican nomination, they are competing on who can say or do the most outrageous things and their base is eating it up with delight! This country is really headed into a wall and the Republicans are just sinking on the gas!

The Occupy Wall Street movement is just a natural climax to the economic sabotage and downright evil deeds the Republicans are guilty of and I certainly hope the President won’t have his hands tied when it comes to prosecuting some of these irresponsible individuals whose actions border on treason against the country…when he is re-elected to his 2nd term.