BREAKING NEWS: Oakland Cops Injure Second Iraq War Veteran

Author: November 4, 2011 4:15 pm

Update 8:00 pm Pacific Time: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Sabehgi is awake and alert. He was arrested for remaining at the scene of a riot and resisting arrest.

The Chronicle reports:

 “Sabehgi told members of Iraq Veterans Against the War that he was beaten by police with nightsticks on his hands, shoulders, ribs and back. He suffered internal injuries, including a lacerated spleen, he told the group.”

Even with his affiliation with the Iraq Veterans Against the War group, it is still unclear whether he fought overseas.

Original post: The Guardian reports that a second Iraq War veteran is in intensive care in an Oakland hospital, thanks to injuries sustained from police during Occupy Oakland protests.

The injuries, to Keyvan Sabehgi, a local business owner and a 32 year old veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, occurred during Wednesday’s general strike, where thousands of protesters shut down Oakland’s ports. Despite the large crowds, the day was reasonably peaceful and there was little police presence, however after 11:00 pm, more than 200 police officers arrived.

Several protesters set fire to a barrier at 16th and Telegraph to prevent police access to an abandoned building that the protesters were occupying. The police reacted with tear gas, flashbang grenades and non-lethal bullets.

Sabehgi was reportedly walking away from the area when he was injured.

From The Guardian:

“There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

“Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton. Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.”

He said: “My stomach was really hurting, and it got worse to the point where I couldn’t stand up.

“I was on my hands and knees and crawled over the cell door to call for help.”

A nurse was called and recommended Sabehgi take a suppository, but he said he “didn’t want to take it”.

He was allowed to “crawl” to another cell to use the toilet, but said it was clogged.

“I was vomiting and had diarrhoea,” Sabehgi said. “I just lay there in pain for hours.”

Sabeghi was in police custody for three hours before being transported to Highland Hospital, the same hospital where fellow Iraqi veteran, Scott Olsen, was originally transported.

Sabeghi is expected to have undergone surgery to remove his spleen this afternoon. Updates will be posted as they become available.



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  • I would just like to point out here…the people who set the fires WERE NOT PROTESTORS they were a group of anarchists that were are in no way associated with the occupy movement. I watched a live feed from about 10PM-3AM and was astounded by the violence I witnessed from the police force. It’s very misleading for these news sources to be saying that the fires were set by the protesters.

    • Same technique used in Rome recently (and years ago in Genova…). Called Black Bloc there, too. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people peacefully protesting, then these thugs arrive to scare the protesters and destroy to make the protest look bad. Not necessarily police, definitely sent by the powers that be who want to hold onto that power.

  • The ” end” (control) of america has been here for a long time now. Freedom is only what they allow you. You are all just now waking up and realizing that.

  • Very true, but if we stay the current course and do not react to violence with violence, we will win. On the revers side, some protection is in order. but don’t count of the police do anything until it gets much worse. Maybe just ask all the veterans out there. to just stand between the peaceful protesters and the violence trying to affect them. Like we did before…..

  • Heidi Beitendorf

    America has been a shining beacon of Liberty for the world, but now, she is turning out the light and attacking her own best people. It will be more and more hard for the demonstrators to remain calm and non-violent in the face of these assaults by the Gestapo. I do hope they will not fall to the level of those who attack them. If they do … it could be the end of America.

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