Reporter Captures Video: Occupy DC Protesters Hit By Car

Courtesy, Tina Dupuy, Crooks and Liars

Earlier in the week, Addicting Info reported that two Occupy Oakland protesters were hit by a car, only to have the driver let go by police. A Crooks and Liars reporter witnessed an almost identical scene at Occupy DC related protest of an Americans for Prosperity conference just last night. Americans for Prosperity is a brain and economic child of the Koch brothers.

Tina Dupuy of Crooks and Liars reports:

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The opposite corner from where I was standing – a full block away – a silver Lexus sedan hit three protesters in the street. The reports were that he actually sped up “like he was playing chicken” according to eye witnesses. The video above is when the police let the driver go. Then the crowd became angry at the police. You can hear an Officer Walsh on the tape saying, “They shouldn’t have been in the street.” The Metro Police have said they released the driver because he had a green light. This contradicts the report or tweet from DC Councilman Tommy Wells who claimed the driver was apprehended blocks away and was in custody.

In the video, the protesters are heard chanting, “the whole world’s watching.”

The pedestrians were taken to the hospital but the injuries are reportedly not life threatening. DC does not grant the pedestrian the right of way against a green light, but common sense should. It’s unclear whether the driver was attending the Americans for Prosperity conference.