Police Officer Punches Woman In Face After Raid On OWS For Challenging NYPD With Court Order (VIDEO)

A woman, after being punched in the face by an NYPD officer.

After the NYPD evicted the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park on Tuesday morning, attorneys secured a court order telling police to allow the protesters back into the park. Instead, police ignored the order and sealed the park. Protesters then responded by approaching the park and demanded to be allowed back in. But the NYPD would not have none of it. They refused to comply with the demands of the court and the protesters.

Protesters were yelling at police and waving a copy of the court order in front of them. That’s when it got ugly. One protester jumped inside the park and retrieved an American flag. A woman then appeared at the barricade and with a copy of the court order, began demanding that police do their job and allow the protesters back into the park. Unprovoked, an officer struck the woman in the face knocking her back onto the ground. She sat stunned and she appeared to be bleeding. Courageously, she got up and resumed protesting. The officer didn’t appear to be remorseful over punching an unarmed non-threatening woman.

Here’s the video:

Simply put, this officer just assaulted a woman. He is a coward and a bully. It isn’t right for any man to hit a woman. The police clearly don’t care what they do to protesters. It’s a game to them. I would love to see that officer try to punch Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas. But the NYPD is too cowardly for that. They’d rather attack women instead.