IRS And Communism Now More Popular Than Current Republican Congress

CBS recently released the approval rating of Congress and the Republican strangled Congress hit a new low in popularity. The number of Americans who like Congress is now at 9%. The 112th Congress has been noted for being a ‘do nothing’ legislative body. The GOP has vowed to block anything and everything that would bolster the ailing economy because they want President Obama to fail. What have they passed so far you ask? Well, the Republicans have spent their time passing anti-women bills, bills against birth control and contraceptives, anti-abortion bills, bills declaring pizza a vegetable, bills re-affirming ‘In God We Trust,’ as the national motto, anti-tax bills, anti-environmental bills, and the list goes on. The Washington Post released this dandy chart showing approval ratings compared to this Congress. But the interesting thing about the approval rating chart is how many things were more popular than the gun-toting, Bible thumping, capitalism obsessed GOP Congress. And the answers will surprise you.

Republicans are staunchly anti-tax, but Americans love the IRS MORE than Congress at a whopping 40%. Republicans are anti-communist, but Americans love communism MORE than Congress at 11%. Americans love the oil and gas industry and the Gulf oil spill company BP MORE than Congress at 20% and 16% respectively. Americans even love the greedy banks MORE than Congress at 23%. Isn’t that something? Even Hugo Chavez is more popular. Are you curious to know the approval rating of the Democrat dominated 111th Congress? Well, that Congress had an average approval rating of 25%.

While Americans are suffering, losing their jobs, their homes, and their health, Republicans have been sitting on their hands and are holding their breath like temper tantrum throwing children, refusing to create any jobs or pass anything that would actually help people. Instead, Republicans are busy passing bills that destroy jobs, or bills that only make the religious extremists happy. Hell, Republicans have turned Congress into such a joke that even King George III was more popular during the Revolutionary War. If you’re a student of history, and obviously not a Republican with a tiny brain, you know that King George was the British monarch during the American Revolution. And even his popularity dwarfed that of the 112th Congress at between 15% and 20% according to historians. That being said, it’s clear that it’s time to take out the trash and elect a new Congress. Preferably a Democratic one. Because when not being obstructed by hateful, arrogant, lazy bullies, Democrats actually do their jobs.