President Obama Doing Just Fine With Base

It’s a gloomy world in political land. The President is wildly unpopular, even with his base and the people that are in line to possibly replace him in 2013, are a bunch of rabid dogs planning on dismantling absolutely everything this country has accomplished in the last 230 + years, right? Wrong! Well, the GOP candidates are a bunch of rabid dogs who plan on dismantling absolutely everything this country has accomplished, but the President’s actually doing pretty well with his base, despite what you hear throughout most of the mediascape.

According to the Washington Post, President Obama has as much support among the constituency that makes up his base as any modern President running for a second term. The Post cites a NBC-Wall Street Journal poll in which the President rates an overall 44% approval rating, but shows his approval among African Americans at 91%, despite the Republican attempt to siphon African American votes with candidate Herman Cain.

A Gallup poll shows his approval rating at 78% among Democrats and 70% among liberals.

Those numbers are similar to where President Bill Clinton stood in November 1995, when 78 percent of Democrats in Gallup polling approved of the job he was doing. (Bush had the support of 87 percent of Republicans in the fall of 2003, but those numbers were the result of the boosts he received from the start of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.)

His approval numbers did drop off somewhat among young people and Hispanics, but the Post was quick to point out that approval ratings represent the President in competition with himself and when put into a real world competition, against, say, a Newt Gingrich, things could look very different.

“Democratic base voters will start focusing on the election just as the Republican not-ready-for-prime-time players start coming to a theater near them,” longtime Democratic strategist Steve Rosenthal predicted.

46% of respondents in a Washington Post-ABC News poll said they will not vote for Obama under any circumstances, so that means that roughly 10% of the population is up for grabs. These tend to be people who don’t vote based on ideologies, but rather on current conditions, such as the economy and the perceived weaknesses in the Republican field.