Everything You Need To Know About How Painful Pepper Spray Is In One Simple Graphic

A Scoville Heat Unit is used to measure the chemical “heat” produced by a pepper when it comes into contact with the human body, particularly the eyes, mouth or nose. Most people gag on jalapenos which only have a maximum rating of 8000. Habaneros cause people to break down and weep and they have a maximum of 350,000. The weak pepper spray available to the public starts at two million Scovilles while the heavy duty stuff used by the police tops out at 5.3 million Scovilles. Yeah, you read that correctly. 5,300,000. And they sprayed this stuff down peoples’ throats that were doing nothing more than sitting on the ground. Welcome to America, Home of the Free*

*”Home of the Free” is a marketing slogan, not to be confused with actual freedom. You are not free.

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