Everything You Need To Know About How Painful Pepper Spray Is In One Simple Graphic

Author: November 23, 2011 7:12 am

A Scoville Heat Unit is used to measure the chemical “heat” produced by a pepper when it comes into contact with the human body, particularly the eyes, mouth or nose. Most people gag on jalapenos which only have a maximum rating of 8000. Habaneros cause people to break down and weep and they have a maximum of 350,000. The weak pepper spray available to the public starts at two million Scovilles while the heavy duty stuff used by the police tops out at 5.3 million Scovilles. Yeah, you read that correctly. 5,300,000. And they sprayed this stuff down peoples’ throats that were doing nothing more than sitting on the ground. Welcome to America, Home of the Free*

*”Home of the Free” is a marketing slogan, not to be confused with actual freedom. You are not free.

Read more about the danger of abusing pepper spray here


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  • Just one spray and your south of the border!

    but seriously the active ingridient is capsaisum(somethin like that) which is in chilis

    and there is lots of crap that can be eaten easily
    but if it got in your eye it would be hellishly painful

    so if i spray my food with it would it just be spicy, deadly, or just really gives a huge stomach ache(shouldnt be eaten but can be)?

  • We seem to be really sheeple, we slept too long and now it is too late to escape those draconians.

  • Basically this is nothing more than torture of a cruel nature and it has the stamp of approval from the elected government. Those who have the guns and the means to exert pain and force use those methods to ensure freedom is not to freely expressed lest it topple the system. It is the sign of a tyrannical regime. So who is there to elect to make a change? Anyone….???

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Attacking peaceful protestors with ANYTHING is grounds for retaliation. Which is what they police want, and why they do this. They are violent people who apply for a job where thy are trained to be violent and aggressive, and attack first. They (believe they) know how to handle violence, they just have no clue what to do when they are expected to be humane – it’s just not in police DNA.

    I wonder what “Sgt. Pepper”‘s family thinks about what he has done, and if they need protection from him. Police spousal abuse is very common in line officers, and rent-a-cops like the UC campuses are not even real cops, these are the ones that fail the police psyche tests – they have to go somewhere that will let them play dress-up with a badge…

  • David J. Alsberge

    If the Police were on our side, they’d be facing the same way we are.

  • I ate a whole Bhut Jolokia ONCE, not realizing how hot it was. I swear to all things Holy… if that thing was used as a punishment in a prison or jail it would be classified as cruel and unusual punishment and be banned.

    Police have basically Carte Blanch to pepper spray anybody they want if they don’t do what the police say (lawful or not). This should be classified as cruel and unusual punishment and banned.

  • Mickey Traister

    If you ask me I think those police “men” should be arrested and charged with assault. One count for every young adult that they sprayed pepper spray on. Those children are not terrorists nor are they criminals. They were only expressing their freedom of speech. The use of non lethal weapons should never be used for compliance purposes.

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