What Will it Take for the Republican Party of Hypocrites to Denounce Herman Cain?

Another day, another Herman Cain sexual escapade – this time, as reported by Jueseppi B., with a woman who claims to have had a 13-year sexual relationship with him.

Okay, Republicans:  The joke’s over; we’ve all had our laughs; now, can you please just pull the rug out from under this know-nothing nitwit Neanderthal cretin and end this thing?

What would it take for Republicans to turn on Herman Cain?  Four women accusing him of inappropriate – and illegal – sexual behavior, two of whom were paid off to avoid scandal, didn’t do it.  The embarrassing botching of question after question about foreign affairs didn’t do it.  Now, Cain may think he doesn’t need to know anythingabout foreign affairs, but for those of us with functioning brain cells, we kinda want the President of the United States to be at least slightly schooled – and, more importantly, able to quickly learn.  Cain has failed Foreign Policy 101, and doesn’t appear interested in ever passing it.

And now, we have this newest chink in his very thin, rusted-out armour:  A woman, Ginger White, who claims, not sexual harassment, but a long, full-blown sexual and emotional affair with this dude who thinks he’s qualified to be president.

Republicans truly make me ill.  Sure, some, such as conservative George Will, have delivered sharp barbs against Cain.  And sure, he’s slipped some in the polls – but for Pete’s sake, he’s still third. What will it take for Republicans to bite the bullet and admit that they made a huge, gargantuan, mind-blowing, breathtaking mistake on this “blacker than Obama” candidate?  What is it gonna take for the Party of No (Morals, Intellect or Honesty), the “family values” party, to jerk the rug out from under this yokel?  We’ve seen five women allege sexual misconduct against Cain in some form or another, and now we see another who claims Cain has committed long-term adultery. Explain to me why Republicans are even willing to adjudicate the truth or falsity of these allegations; explain to me why they’d even gamble, for one second, on a guy with so many warts; explain to me why a party that touts love of family – to the point that any type of relationship beyond “man on top, woman on bottom, get it over with quick,” such as gay marriage or civil unions, requires time-wasting legislation to prevent it – is so quick to defend Herman Cain; explain to me why this party that pretends to be morality on steroids allows there to be, after the very first allegation, Presidential Candidate Herman Cain?

The right-wing attacks on Cain’s accusers:  Beyond the pale.  Of course, it never occurs to Republican sheeple – or, if it does, it’s not a blip on their radar – that Herman Cain chose women with difficulties in their past or present, and that men like Herman Cain don’t prey on women like, say, Hillary Clinton.  They prey on the powerless – and the more poor and powerless, the better.  Instead of focusing on the womens’ pasts, how about focusing on Cain’s very deliberate choice of optimal victim?  This dude has done nothing but back and duck and lie and deny around these accusations; he’s played “best defense/good offense” so much that it’s not even a defense any more, it’s a full-blown counter-attack; he’s sought to demean his accusers; his lawyer has made threats against future accusers; he’s forced his wife to do the “stand by her man” routine; and he’s embarrassed the entire damn country with his blatant and arrogant dishonesty and lack of accountability.


It’s pretty sad when a GOP presidential candidate channels rapper Shaggy:  “My girl just caught me, You let her catch you? I don’t know how all of this happened, With who? The girl next door, ya know? Man, I don’t know what to do, Say it wasn’t you, Alright.”

Hell, “it wasn’t me” has worked out pretty well for Cain so far.  Good thing he’s got a fan base that thinks a Mensa IQ is in the double digits.