Glenn Beck Endorses Michele Bachmann. Does Anyone Care? (VIDEO)

Yesterday Glenn Beck went on The O’Reilly Factor, to explain why he supports and will vote for (but doesn’t officially endorse) Michele Bachmann. Bachmann, clearly giddy with the excitement of receiving the support of another right-wing loony tune, took to facebook to show her elation.

Here’s the video of Beck explaining why he supports Bachmann:

It reminded me of an an interesting e-mail I received recently, from Michele Bachmann’s campaign, so I decided to share some excerpts, with my own personal analysis.

Dear Matthew,

I am the candidate Glenn Beck trusts to lead America back to prosperity.

Remember that company that Glenn Beck always used to shill for, Goldline? He told his fans that they should buy gold from Goldline, because it would make them more prosperous, and now Goldline is being investigated for fraud. If Glenn Beck thinks Michele Bachmann can “lead America back to prosperity” we should all be worried if she gets elected.

 He has dedicated his life to spreading the conservative values that you and I share and has been a strong and proven leader for our nation.

“A strong and proven leader for our nation?” How? When? Was that before or after his show on Fox News got cancelled, because people were boycotting his sponsors because of his more outrageous comments?

That’s why I’m so honored that he announced on the air today that he would vote for me in a presidential primary.

That seems like an endorsement to me. So does the very first line of her e-mail. But, apparently, it’s not;

While Glenn makes it very clear he doesn’t officially endorse candidates, I’m humbled that he would put is trust in me and vote for me in a Republican Primary.

Do Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann know the meaning of the word “endorsement?” Maybe someone should share this with them:


  1. An act of giving one’s public approval or support to someone or something.
  2. A recommendation of a product in an advertisement.
Maybe an “official endorsement” from Glenn Beck means he walks with you into the voting booth, and holds your hand while you vote. I don’t know how much more officially he could endorse someone.
Here are the excerpts from his radio show that Bachmann chose to include in the e-mail:
“There is somebody I think that is exceptional and truly comes the closest to embodying the spirit of Lincoln or Washington in this field. And I believe that it is Michele Bachmann.”
So, Glenn Beck thinks that Lincoln and Washington are comparable to a lying hypocrite who can’t even get her American History correct? I’m sure they’d be REALLY proud to be associated with someone of such a high intellectual caliber.
“We have to trust somebody. That’s not to say that there aren’t good candidates elsewhere. The others, many of them are good, decent men. But this woman is exceptional and I would ask that you would take a look at the character and the true life of Michele Bachmann. I believe she means what she says and says what she means.”
“We have to trust somebody” has to be my favorite line of this entire e-mail. It’s like saying “there’s no food here, but there is this pile of cow dung, and we have to eat something!” It’s like saying “I’m going to the prom with the creepy pervert, because you have to go with somebody!” Glenn Beck must really think the GOP field sucks if he feels the need to give Bachmann such a half-hearted endorsement, simply because he has to support someone.
It’s a sad day for your campaign when the person endorsing you with the highest profile refuses to “officially” endorse you, and they only do because they “have to trust somebody.” Bachmann’s campaign is sinking faster than Glenn Beck’s ratings after he called Obama a racist, so I guess the endorsement is appropriate.