Michele Bachmann Says A Gay Man Can Get Married, But Only To A Woman (VIDEO)

Author: December 1, 2011 4:33 pm

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

On Wednesday during a town hall event in Iowa at the Waverly Pizza Ranch, Bachmann was questioned by an attendee named Jane Schmidt. Schmidt, the president of Waverly High School Gay Straight Alliance, asked Bachmann why gay couples can’t marry. Despite the fact that gay marriage is legal in 6 states plus Washington DC, and is allowed by the US armed forces, Bachmann claimed that same sex couples have no right to wed, and that gay people can marry as long as it is to a person of the opposite sex.

Here’s the video:

Michele Bachmann has long been opposed to the LGBT community. Her husband runs a ‘pray away the gay’ clinic. Bachmann once again has no idea what she is talking about. Legalizing same-sex marriage wouldn’t grant gay couples a “special privilege.” It would grant them the same special privilege that straight couples have enjoyed for centuries.


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  • I am an American man who has religious beliefs, who is spiritual, who has fought for his country, and who is also GAY. I find it appalling that apparently we read from different Bibles, because the God I believe in is not judgemental to where yours is….

  • G’Day! Addictinginfo,
    Thanks for that, or is she really that clueless? I think she knows but is “proud” of him for choosing the “right” path. After all, she said she never loved him but that the “Lord” called them to be. Do you think she knows he’s gay?
    Catch you again soon!

  • I’ve said it before on other sites, I’ll say it again: From the stand point of law, marriage is not a religious status, but a civil one. The law grants equal rights to all when it comes to religious practice, freedom of expression, right to vote, right to assemble, and so on. Married couples are granted certain basic federal rights unavailable to single persons and couples joined only by civil unions or “domestic partnerships.” By shutting out an entire demographic from the right to marry, you also deny them the rights that married couples take for granted. Would this even be an issue if the demographic in question was not homosexuals, but one of race, ethnicity or religious belief? Of course not. In this day and age, no one would think to deny the right to marry based on skin color or belief system. Gays have as much right to marry the person of their choice as anyone else does. Period.

  • @Sharon Green: Yes, they are Christians. Real ones. That they condone behavior that you do not doesn’t make them less christian, or you more so. Google “No True Scotsman”, to see what I mean.

  • biotch!!!! BITCH!!!!

  • Michelle is right about one thing a true marriage is between a man and a woman. If that is the case then why did our own government force us to accept the fact that there are gays and lesbians in this nation? This is not the Christian way of life nor will it ever be. Gay and lesbian lifestyle is what they chose to have. Because of them and their “Christian” behavior, I chose another path for my religion. I believe a philosophy that has worked for me and a faith based religion that cannot truly be comprehended. Do not get me wrong, I did not say that I do not read the Bible because I do. I talk to my maker everyday and I get relief in knowing that he listens to what I have to say no matter what I need to discuss. I have been married for the past 17 years. I do not ever see a divorce in sight even though he lives the way he chooses to by sleeping with every woman that will touch him. I do not choose his way of life either. I may not believe in the gay and lesbian lifestyle but it is what it is now even though it goes against my Constitutional rights by what the government has forced upon me. This is just morally unsound and truly unheard of. Anywhere else in the world they would have been dead or in jail long ago if they ever told someone that they were gay or lesbian. Just because they have their GOVERNMENTAL RIGHTS now still does not make it right and holy. But, life will go on. My question to you (since you think this will truly happen) are you ready to meet your maker on the day of judgment? I am, always have been, always will be. I am ready to be judged because I know for a fact where I am going and it is right where I belong. I have done many times over what he has asked of me and I did it to the best of my human ability. Now I am ready for my wings, right now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, whenever it may be. I am for sure ready as hell to be on his right hand.

  • Gay and lesbianism is not a lifestyle it is a CHOICE. When the government goes against the Constitution and tells me that I HAVE to accept them as a couple, that is against my rights. I did not force them to have sex, i did not force them to do anything. So why is it shoved down the right wings throat? Why must we go against our moral values and accept this? It is Anti-Christian and Anti-Catholic as it always has been and as it always will be. They use our own government and churches against us to suit the fact that they choose not to live for God and go against everything that he has taught. Since they have taken a good religion and turned it to suit their needs, I have chosen to follow a philosophy they cannot understand and a faith based religion that they cannot handle. I did not say that I was Christian nor did I say that I was Catholic. I will not say anything about my philosophy and my religion. But I will say this, I do read the Bible as I always have since I was able to read. I will live right and I will not be broken on my views. They are morally right and morally sound. They are what literally keeps me sane. We all are sinners it is what we do with our lives that make us who were are with the Almighty, whether he will take us as we are and as we choose to be is up to him and his teachings. I am ready to be judged because I know where my place is and I am happy with that. My almighty knows that I am ready, willing, and able. Are you ready, willing, and able?

  • She is an IDIOT!

  • I seriously hate this bitch.

  • As a homosexual, I find this very insulting. How contradicting is it to say that as citizens we have equal rights then say we don’t have the right to marry. Last time I checked we weren’t here to judge or rule any other race, minority, or any other “special” act upon HUMANS. Last time I checked we don’t have arranged marriage. That is our freedom. Saying that a gay person can only marry the opposite sex seems very controlling and arranged to me.

  • Well, she would know all about that.

  • Well it was easy for her to say that same sex marriage goes against the law and that there shouldn’t be special privileges to couples. If I recall there was a time when there use to be other laws by man and even some biblical that went against women’s rights. Those were changed and altered to allow new things to happen and it’s the same reason why she is exactly where she is now today in her career. That’s sounds like a privilege to me.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    An open Letter To Michelle Bachmann (and all others of the homophobe brigade)

    HEY, BITCH! What the FUCK business is it of YOURS what someone ELSE does with THEIR body? You don’t want to have gay sex, then DON’T. We won’t force you to. Now you be tolerant enough to do the same for those who don’t want to have straight sex. If it ain’t your hole, then shut yours…

    Besides, we know damn well that if gay marriage wasn’t a GOP platform plank to sucker votes from you ignorant pseudo-Christians, you’d be ranting just as hard about birth control, abortion and teen pregnancy, completely failing to recognize the relationship between them.

    BTW, the greatest problem facing the planet, the elephant in the room, is overpopulation. AND GAY SEX IS THE CURE FOR OVERPOPULATION. So go with it, embrace it, and kill two birds with one stone. (Or go fundamentalist and just stone the gays. That’s your currently preference. Ask all those gender-questioning teen-aged kids you’ve helped kill….)

    Just for the record, I’m not gay. But I fail to see why that gives me – or you – the right to say that you cannot marry the person you love. So please take your fake Christian values, stuff them back into your church, and keep them there. You can pretend to be like Jesus and hate fags, just like he did. And we’ll pretend you’re not knuckle-dragging barbarians, but real humans, just like he did.

    Homo sapiens. Michelle, baby, you deny the Homo, and you’re obviously not sapient…

  • Those people are NOT Christians. If they were true Christians (followers of Jesus) then they would be out preaching about love, for Jesus said ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind’ – this is the great and foremost commandment, and there is a second like it, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’. The whole Law and Prophets hang on these two commands Mtt 22:37-40, Mrk 12:28-34. When he referred to ‘your neighbour’ he meant everyone. He didn’t say love your neighbours so long as they are the same race, creed, colour or sexual orientation! These people are simply bigots, using religion to hide behind and to my way of thinking, I think the reason they are like that is because they are scared about their own sexuality and they hide behind this blatant bigotry so people won’t see their deep secret. To them I say, come out of the closet!

  • Oh yeah! Of course she does!!!
    But unfortunately… everyone cant follow the words and even the “life” of The bachmann.
    In home, Michele could never get any, n in his so called “clinic” Marcus “Takes care” of gay people!
    Fabulous Lifestyle… But we prefer non-abominable lifestyles, so… NO THANKS!

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