GOP State Representative Beats Mentally Disabled Son, Kicks Him In Ribs Outside Restaurant

Author: December 8, 2011 9:26 pm

Wait, let me guess. You're a real family values "man," right?

State Representative Bob Nicholas (R-Cheyenne) was arrested the day before Thanksgiving for viciously beating his 19 year old son while on vacation in Florida.

Several witness saw Rep. Nicholas punch his son, push or knock him to the ground and then kick him at least five times. The police found that the son had abrasions and welts on his neck as well as a foot-sized mark on his ribcage with what appeared to be the pattern of shoelaces imprinted on it.

Abusing a mentally disabled adult is a third degree felony in the state of Florida. Nichols was released on Thanksgiving on a twenty thousand dollar bail.

Nicholas intends to fight the charges and denies any wrong doing,

“This is an instance of perception and reality being two very different things”

He added,

“Patrons at the restaurant obviously felt that I was being too physical with him and called law enforcement. Not knowing the circumstances, I may have done the same thing.”

Nicholas’ son suffers from seizures and has a condition similar to autism. While I, myself, am relatively new to the world of having an autistic child, I’m fairly certain that kicking one hard enough to leave the imprint of your shoelaces is not a recommended form of therapy and falls far outside the boundaries of “corporal punishment” as Nicholas  disingenuously  described it.

Rep. Nicholas expects to have the matter settled before his court date in late December and has stated he will not resign his seat. “I don’t think I committed a crime, so why would I?” was his response when asked.

Because your constituents deserve more than a man who will repeatedly kick his mentally disabled son in the ribs as “corporal punishment,” that’s why.

Contact Bob Nicholas and let him know what you think of his parenting skills:
(307) 514-3693
(307) 634-2994
Fax:(307) 635-7155
e-mail: [email protected]

Update: The original text mistakenly listed Bob Nicholas as (R-Laramie) instead of (R-Cheyenne). The article has been updated to reflect this correction.

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  • Of course he will not be prosecuted. He is rich with powerful friends. Justice does not apply to the 1% or their cronies. If he is somehow, miraculously, tried and convicted, he will receive a slap on the wrist, instead of going to prison with hardened criminals, where he belongs.

  • “Your honor, I wasn’t kicking him to beat him up. He had a seizure and fell on my shoe. Hard enough for the shoelaces to make an indentation. I was just trying to push him off my foot. Honest.”

    I really do hope at least one of the witnesses got video of the beating that can be used in court. I’m willing to bet this guy owns that Michael and Debi Pearl book, “To Raise Up A Child.”

  • maybe his god told him to do it.

  • This behaviour has nothing to do with Fundamentalist Christian Dogma. True Christianity has never condoned such behaviour: God clearly teaches a special care for the widow, orphan, and helpless.
    In Fact all your righteous moral outrage is a throwback to your fast fading Christian Heritage: the reason this treatment upsets us is because man was made in the image of God and is to be respected and cared for, not kicked like a stone.
    No other world view has a sound basis for condemning his actions. There is a special place in Hell for child abusers and people who cough in theatres.

    • >True Christianity has never condoned such behaviour.

      “Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell.”
      -Proverbs 23:13-14

      • That was BEFORE CHRIST JESUS. When Christ came He instituted a whole NEW set of Laws. TREAT EVERYBODY THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. LOVE each other as I have Loved you. Nowhere does it say beat your kid with a rod. That is Old testament. We are living under the Laws Of Love and Grace! Don’t create any more karma! Remember: Do unto others as YOU would have done to You. Secondly I have a disabled child and cannot fathom anyone harming him! If I would have been there I WOULD have stopped him! Shame on anyone that can stand by and watch this kind of atrocity happening and do nothing. Always remember there may come a time when something happens to YOU and you wish someone would step in to help you.

    • and yet this “loving” god sends souls to hell for not accepting his “son” who died so that he (god)would be appeased, as one’s “personal savior” from a world he (god) created. crap.

      • @tedbohne You cannot fathom how God conducts himself. This God you insult left his throne in heaven to take the punishment that you deserve. If you reject his covenant of forgiveness and peace – then you will be at war with him throughout eternity.

        • LOL. So we don’t understand “god” but YOU do. He’s unfathomable except for every religious person the planet who claims to know what “he’s” about.

  • Rick Shreiner

    Throw away the key . . .

    • The GOP and the dems have kicked the mentally disabled American public in worse places than the ribs.Mentally disabled through the Rothschild owned mainstream media which promotes ignorance through misinformation.This is why Ron Paul has wide,ascending appeal.He tells the truth.You can keep a person ignorant.You can’t make one that way.

  • Darshon Surpham

    Well said, Bill Cole – appreciate your honesty. I know many parents with similar issues and they all struggle, tremendously. I would suggest that this guy would likely do the same thing whether his son had any mental issues or not. This is just a handy excuse for him, especially seeing as how he does not believe he did anything wrong. That, right there, shows how deep HIS issues go and, typical of many abusers, shows his ability to blame everyone else for his actions.

  • I know the internet is a silly place to be reasonable, but restraining somebody who is having a violent seizure can look quite violent to an uncomprehending onlooker, and “several witnesses” is nothing like proof. Out of respect for what the parents of disabled children go through every day, you owe it to this man to hear more proof, actual proof, of what he did.

    It is very possible for a disabled, grown child, who has violent, seizures to have any number of abrasions and welts, including shoes with shoelaces. It is extremely possible for witnesses to be mistaken. If he abuses his child, then he deserves the most severe punishment and censure.

    If he does not, and this is his reality — what he goes through every day, because there is no way to comprehend what the parents of severely, antisocially disabled children go through — then he deserves our respect for his courage and love for his child.

    The police are on the case and the facts will be clear, so please do not condemn a man too soon.

    • I have a few issues with your post –
      First there’s –
      ” but restraining somebody who is having a violent seizure can look quite violent to an uncomprehending onlooker”

      As anyone who has any knowledge of caring for someone with seizures knows, you never restrain someone having a seizure. Restraining someone while they seize can cause serious injury to them and the person doing the restraining. Unless he’s never spoken with one of his son’s healthcare providers he should know this. Which makes the whole “restraining of him during his seizure” argument extremely thin.

      Second there’s the part where he called what he did “corporal punishment”… Unless that’s a new term for quickly trying to remove obstacles from the presence of his seizing child (which is actually what you do during a seizure, not restrain the person) I’m betting he was just abusing him on the street.

    • Bob Nicholas sounds like Geoff Sebesta is your AKA!!!
      I am a 38yr old woman with Epilepsy. My NINE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER has known not to touch mommy when she’s having a seizure,if mommy’s head is hitting the floor try to slide a towel under it. SHE’S KNOWN THIS SINCE SHE WAS TWO!!! I have had numerous people PANIC when I am having a Grand Maul Seizure. Wooden spoons,fingers,washcloths, many items have been put in my mouth when people see the force of the clench of my teeth digging into my tongue and causing blood to pour out my mouth. The people with the ‘finger rescue plan’ have always been regretful and told me I owe them a new finger!!! I don’t recall ever coming out of a seizure (be it 4hours to 2 days) with kicks to the ribs in attempts from onlookers or loved ones trying to help me out of a seizure. This story brought tears to my eyes… I thank God for the loved ones in my life who care for me… my husband always wipes my face with a warm towel when I am having a seizure or close to the end, he says “it helps me come out of it” anyone w/ Epilepsy knows that’s not true, but it brings peace and comfort to my husband knowing he’s “helping” his wife… Bob if I was there that day guaranteed I would have a seizure from the high stress you would of put on me from me jumping on top of you and kicking you. I wonder if I would of been granted bail. Surely the article written by Geoff Sebesta is no other then BOB NICHOLAS! May you rot in hell.

  • Bill cole.. You are the real deal in whose shoes none of us can walk. Everyone else who has an opinion and does not live in a space like yours is just adding to hot air on this matter. Of course physically abusing any child, even at 19, for any reason is wrong. Hopefully the legal sYstem will deal with him. Meanwhile everyone check in your locality for programs run by mental health agencies that assist family caregivers by ptoviding respite relief so they can get out of the house for a while and restore their own emtional health.

  • Dear all, send this representative a letter! I just did. His email address is: [email protected] Below is my letter. Use any part of it if you wish. Susan Norman

    Dear Representative Nicholas;

    I think you should resign your seat in the Wyoming State Legislature so that you can save face for the “Republican Family Values” you clearly do not understand.

    I am outraged to read of you beating your disabled son outside of a restaurant in Florida. No child deserves such a display of hatred in front of anyone, especially by his father against him.

    I cannot imagine he did anything worthy of such a beating. Children are a gift from God no matter what their circumstances are. That your son is disabled no doubt is a deep heartbreak to you but under no circumstances does that give you the right to publicly humiliate him or abuse him by beating him mercilessly.

    I think the only honorable thing for you to do now is resign from your position as a state legislator. It appears that such treatment of human beings is accepted in Wyoming after the beating of Matthew Shepherd.

    Please do all that you can to change that perception in the nation as I would like to return to Wyoming for a vacation again. I think Wyoming is a wonderful state but if it is a place where violence is encouraged against the disabled or disenfranchised members of society, then I want no part of it.

    Sincerely, …

    • My letter:
      Dear Representative Nicholas;
      I think you should resign your seat in the Wyoming State Legislature so that you can save face for the “Republican Family Values” you clearly do not understand.
      I am outraged to read of you beating your disabled son outside of a restaurant in Florida. No child deserves such a display of hatred in front of anyone, especially by his father against him.
      That your son is disabled does not give you the right to publicly or privately humiliate him or abuse in any fashion. I can only imagine what you do behind closed doors while “parenting” your son. And I am ashamed to hear that your wife did not speak up while this was going on. Shame on her as well
      I think the only honorable thing for you to do now is resign from your position as a state legislator. It appears that such treatment of human beings is accepted in Wyoming after the beating of Matthew Shepherd.
      Please do all that you can to change that perception in the nation as I would like to return to Wyoming for a vacation. Until you have been removed from your post or are voted out, I, along with my family members and friends will no longer contribute in anyway to Wyoming’s economy. This includes any company listed on the internet as being based out of Wyoming or that has Wyoming products used in its materials. We have also vowed to bypass this state while driving.
      Get a grip and get out

      Kimberly A Greene
      Single mother of three sons: one disabled, one in a military academy and one an AF pilot.

  • Dyane Kirkland

    Seriously, with people like this, they make laws and rules for others, but assume those same rules do not apply to them. He doesn’t see anything wrong with what he’s doing? He needs to be – reeducated – in civilization and humanity.

  • I hope someone has the good sense to keep his son away from him permanently. Clearly this child is in serious danger of future retribution and abuse. We do not want to see the story where the father beats him to death over an argument. Clearly more “Republican Family Values” at work in our society. I hope the good people of his district have the good sense to send him home permanently. Child abusers and wife abusers need not be in public office, from Newt Gingerich on down. The whole state of Wyoming has to take this public scorn, as it should, as one of the most horrendous crimes in recent history occured there. What do they teach their children there? Whatever it is, it is really sick.

  • Typical Republican thug. Probably was angry that day because he got fooled into buying another fake Kenyan birth certificate.

  • Some people just don’t feel bad when they beat people up. That makes it easier for them to grasp at power; whether you’re a Romney destroying jobs at Ampad or a Gingrich arguing that poor children should clean toilets for the privilege of attending school or Bush lying about nuclear weapons in Iraq so he can be a “wartime president” or a parent kicking his child outside a restaurant … it’s the same lack of normal human feelings that makes them dangerous.

  • And I would not be surprised that this imbecile will probably be reelected again thanks to the people of the “great” state of Wyoming!

  • It is hard to understand how this is acceptable under any circumstances.

  • This man needs to go to jail!

  • Did anyone notice that he represents Laramie, WY, the same place that Matt Shepard was beaten to death? Maybe this is what people from Laramie consider acceptable. Maybe this is what they are teaching their kids, and maybe this is why their kids are growing up to beat other people publicly…
    I just heard Dennis Prager talk about the consequences of a “Godless” western society. But I think he has ignored the consequences of allowing ones religious beliefs to be the only litmus test for their qualifications as a political leader. This man clearly has a very different idea of what is normal, acceptable behavior for a parent, and for a community leader.

  • Brenda Thacker

    How does this idiot think he’s going to have it taken care of before it goes to trial? He planning on buying his way out of it?? I do hope he can’t buy off someone and get out of this trial. He seriously needs to spend quality time in jail and be kicked off his State Representative seat. I understand in prison they know how to welcome people who beat defenseless children. Maybe if he doesn’t end up in jail his wife will find the nerve to stand up and defend her child if not herself. If she wont, she’s as bad as he is.

  • this is what happens when you spend your life in the Fox News bubble: you believe that reality is whatever you say it is.

  • The Cram Squash


    We have dumb fucks in our government

  • Only one problem with the article. He represents Cheyenne, not Laramie, in the Wyoming Legislature. I ought to know because I have the misfortune of being his constituent.

  • Though I know it would be “wrong,’ it seems to me that somebody needs to beat this Rep. Nicholas-fucker plumb comatose and leave him by the side of a road somewhere far from human habitation for th vermin to dispose of…

  • Pat Middleton

    A mentally handicapped child, or an adult is not able to understand all that is involved in their own actions. They do however understand the love and goodness given to them by their caretakers, especially their parents. It is horrible when any child is abuse it is disgusting horrible when a disabled child is abused. So why should you resign? Perhaps people want a person with high moral values to represent them. Morals just doesn’t cover cheating on your spouse, it has a tent over how you treat your family. What everyone should be asking themselves, if this is what you will do to him in public, what must his life be like in private. You Mr. Representative aren’t the type of people we need to represent anything except as poster boys for bad behavior.

  • What a total failure. We do not need this “family” to visit Florida, thank you very much! Hope he does jail time.

  • Why are you people upset at this display of traditional Republican values? And I have it on good authority that he seldom beats his wife except when she really needs it.

  • This jackass should be jailed. This is your typical fundamentalist Christian bullshit dogma at work, guaranteed.

  • He’s a Republican politician – he doesn’t “think” at all.

  • Donna Vogelpohl

    If this was a black man or a woman he’d be in jail – this is crazy and evil – and seems common for white males in power

  • He doesn’t think he committed a crime? What does this cretin think he did?

  • I have a son who was born very early (a day or maybe two short of 24 weeks) who had a stroke on his first day and as a result has autistic-spectrum behavioral disorders, seizures, cognitive impairments, cerebral palsy, etc. That was July 2000. Kyle is 11 years old.

    I understand Mr. Nicholas’ urges. There are times when I want to hit Kyle very hard. I don’t. I’ve screamed. I’ve held his head to direct him at me while I’ve spoken to him harshly. I’ve had contests with him over who could screech more harshly, and (sometimes) won. I’m ashamed of what I’ve done in response to his spectacular misbehavior. I can speak to what it means to have a severely disabled kid with autistic behaviors for many years. It sucks. It makes me face every day what sort of person I am. I’m not a great person. I do my best.

    Mr. Nicholas needs to be kept away from his son. It is never true that an autistic kids “needs” physical punishment. It may be that a parent *needs* a way to release the rage that an autistic kid can generate, but that does not need to be inflicted on the disabled child.

    Anyone who believes that corporal punishment is necessary to handle a child (or childlike adult) with behavioral problems mustn’t be allowed to care for children or adults with autistic-spectrum disorders. No child needs to be kicked. No child need to be beaten.

    • thank you for that – I’ve thrown down with out-of-control friends for their guardian’s sake a time or two, it’s particularly hard to deal with modern kids, who invariably seem physically larger than their parents…

      but your own remorse for the actions you’ve been driven to is the ideal to which the representative does not seem to aspire, eh?

      knowing what I know of certain traditions? The Alpha is only Alpha as long as he can put down any challenges, particularly from an offspring…and the definition of ‘insubordination’ is both broad and vague.

    • Sandradee Gawel

      Mr. Cole…..your honesty is so refreshing…i took care of my grandmother who had dementia and it was the worst ten years of my life….i feel horribly guilty over losing my patience and screaming at her…i never physically touched her in an abusive way but i did dream about it…..when you are thrust into a situation with little if any training or help it is very hard to know how to handle all that is thrown at you….i believe that there is a special place for people that deal with a very difficult situation like you and I do(did) and for those that handle it the way the politician in question ALLEGEDLY did…everyone who has posted needs to remember you were not there….and unless you are privy to law enforcement reports on the incident all you have to base your opinion on is a biased news story that is only giving 1/3 of the story…there is what you READ …what HE says and the TRUTH which is part of the written text, his words and stuff we dont know yet!!!! Dont judge him as you do not have the full story.. God bless you Mr. Cole……you are a good man…dont be so hard on yourself

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