Anti-Gay Conservative Donated Sperm To Lesbians

Remember Anthony Weiner? He was the progressive champion who was sandbagged by his very own party for ‘sexting.’ For those of you who don’t know what ‘sexting’ is, it’s phone sex using pictures and the keyboard. If you do know what ‘sexting’ is, odds are, you’ve probably done it (come on, admit it).

Now, why am I writing about Anthony Weiner in an article that has absolutely nothing to do with Anthony Weiner? Well, yes, I’m still pissed off about losing one of my favorite Congressmen for barely a scandal, but it’s all about perspective. Weiner was a highly respected Democratic Congressman who stayed out of people’s personal lives. He did nothing illegal. What he did was debatably immoral, but how many members of Congress (or of the American public) could stand up to complete moral scrutiny? Because he was a Democrat, he was held to a higher standard. If he was a member of the party of ‘Family Values,’ Weiner would certainly have stayed in office.

Keep Weiner (pun really not intended) in mind when you read the rest of the story. Bill Johnson (yes, really), an anti-gay Christian conservative (is there any other kind?) took his high-tech cheating to an even higher level. While on an earthquake recovery mission in Christchurch, New Zealand, Johnson apparently trolled the internet for women to impregnate. That’s right, for most men, impregnating their mistress is what nightmares are made of, but Johnson, a married man, wanted to procreate.

The New Zealand Herald quoted Johnson:

He said the urge to become a biological father was “a need that I have”.

He was apparently successful. Johnson reportedly donated sperm to at least nine women, including several lesbians. The Herald reports that at least three women are pregnant. Of course, he blames it on his wife:

“I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world. When I married her I knew we couldn’t have any more children. She had a hysterectomy 10 years ago,” he said. “There is nothing my wife would want to give me more in the world than a child of my own.”

“Reproduction and having children is as basic a human need as eating,” he told the Herald.

His wife, of course, was unaware of her husband’s extracurriculars. Talking Points Memo reports:

His wife, Kathy Johnson, said the revelations were “the utmost of betrayal.”

“This is a really, really difficult time for our family,” Kathy Johnson said in an email to the Mobile Press-Register. “I’m still in disbelief and very hurt, and our family has a lot of healing to do.”

Now, here’s where I bring it back to Weiner. I honestly don’t give a flying fig about where Mr. Johnson puts his Johnson. That is between him, his wife and the other consenting adults. In fact, I applaud Mr. Johnson for helping women have children. What I do object to is the fact that Johnson (unsuccessfully) ran for Governor of Alabama, where he was against gay marriage, yet he felt it was okay for his sire to be raised by a lesbian couple. It would have been like Weiner trying to impose a ban on sexting.

Look, Republicans. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll stop writing articles exposing your personal hypocrisies when you stop being personal hypocrites. Oh, and Democrats, next time we have a great Congressman with a minor sex scandal, look at the bigger picture.