Proud Lesbian Mom Confronts the Homophobic Mayor of Her Town (VIDEO)

Author: December 13, 2011 7:30 pm

I must readily confess that as a gay Jewish man and son of Holocaust survivor, I have little tolerance and patience for bigots.  I consider that a flaw in me, not an acceptable or admirable trait.  So in watching this remarkable video, I was overwhelmed with pride and respect for this lesbian woman, mother and wife who shows no anger, no antipathy towards the homophobic mayor of her town who recently made the comment on her Facebook page that she doesn’t like New York anymore since that started allowing queers to marry.

I would have verbally bitten her head off and called her a lot of condescending names.   And what would that have accomplished?  This is how we should confront bigots.

Here’s the video:


facebook comments:


  • Too bad you chose to go where the lesbian mother didn’t go. I guess her message was lost on you. I’m a gay man who’s marched and stood facing riot-garbed police lines, and I think this mother accomplished in three minutes what I only tried to do in all my years. Anger is good, but expressing it in hateful ways is not.

  • Wow. That was truly amazing. NOW Janice Daniels can go screw herself.

  • I always wonder how a politician gets elected who makes comments like this mayor made. Why would the people of that community vote for someone who has no interest in representing all of her constituents? It is obvious this mayor will pick and choose those she wishes to represent and support. We all need to be more careful when we vote for our government representatives.

  • I don’t know her but I see why her family is proud of her.Great presentation to a closed mind..Just maybe she opened it a crack to see some light.

  • Too bad they didn’t show the mayor’s reaction. That would have been interesting.

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