Rosie O’Donnell Gives Michele Bachmann A Gaydar Gun For Christmas

Michele Bachmann has been one of the leaders of the Republican crusade against gay marriage and the LGBT community for years, and now, she has the perfect gift, courtesy of Rosie O’Donnell.

In the spirit of Christmas, O’Donnell gave Bachmann exactly what she has always wanted: a Gaydar Gun. The talk show host announced that she sent the gift during her show, which airs on OWN Network. The gun is a toy that humorously pretends to identify the sexual orientation of the person it is pointed towards. The toy “offers 650 outrageous sayings for men and women,” according a press release and according to the gadget’s creator, Terry Ray, “a person’s sexuality is as randomly determined as a pull of the trigger on the Gaydar Gun. With the Gaydar Gun there are no wrong answers because everyone’s sexuality is A-Okay.  We are what we are, so let’s just have a good laugh at ourselves. That’s what the Gaydar Gun is all about.”

This is exactly what Bachmann needs to continue her frivolous witch hunt and the best part is that she probably thinks the gun is real. Now she can point the thing at anyone she wants to persecute. But she probably shouldn’t use it around her hubby, Marcus, as the results of any reading will be tainted by his presence.