Ron Paul Supporter Openly Calls For Assassination Of President Obama On Facebook Page (IMAGE)

A supporter of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul openly called for the assassination of President Obama and his family on Sunday.

Libertarian Jules Manson of California wrote a Facebook post complaining about President Obama signing the National Defense Authorization Act and advocated assassinating Obama and his family. He also called for potential jurors to protect the assassins in court by voting ‘not guilty.’ He then posted the following statement as a comment on the original post:

“Assassinate the f****n n****r and his monkey children”

The Facebook page, Americans Against The Tea Party captured this image of the post:

Facebook users are outraged at this comment which has since been removed. Manson’s page has also been taken down because so many people have reported it for abuse. Manson has run for office before, but has failed thus far to win an election. His Facebook post just ended his hopes of ever winning political office. For any person to openly call for the assassination of the President of the United States is outrageous and should be tried for treason. If Republicans do not condemn this unacceptable instance of bigotry and hatred, they are just as guilty as Manson is.