Reality Finally Scares House Republicans To Act On Payroll Tax Cut Extension

As reported earlier today here in Addicting Info, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell scolded House Republicans for failing to accept the two month extension on the payroll tax cut that expires on January 1st.  With blaring headlines across the nation today describing the Republicans as the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas This Year,” and with many in their own party pleading with House Tea-Party extremists to show some kind of appreciation for the political damage they were doing to themselves, Speaker John Boehner announced this evening that House Republicans would agree to the two month extension in payroll tax cuts.

The last minute capitulation reflects the intense pressure House Republicans were feeling from within their own party as well conservative media pundits and outlets like the Wall Street Journal which have condemned their rejection of the two month extension compromise. With the Senate gone for the holidays and everyone agreeing that a long-term extension with new cuts in government spending will take weeks to iron out, House Republicans clearly shot themselves in the foot by resisting the extension earlier this week. Now, by default, they have handed both the President and the Democrats on the Hill with a major political victory that will no doubt come back to haunt the GOP in 2012.