Founder Of Stormfront Openly Endorses Ron Paul, Says Paul Shares Their Views (VIDEO)

Ron Paul is surging in the polls and that means he’s going to be hit with a freight train full of baggage from the past and a whole lot of new stuff from the present. But this is something that Ron Paul didn’t need right now given his past with racist newsletters and the current endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan.

On Tuesday, during an appearance on The Young Turks on Current TV, Don Black, the founder of the white supremacist group known as Stormfront, endorsed Ron Paul and claimed that their views coincide with Paul’s. Black tried to exonerate Paul of the racism charges that have plagued his political career but he fell short of being convincing.

“He’s clearly not a white nationalist, he does not have the same worldview we do. But we agree with his stand on the issues, which we believe are heartfelt, coincide with ours. I might prefer that he understand the racial issues that we deal with a little more than he does. We believe that white people in this country and all European countries, Australia, Canada are facing a form of genocide through assimilation.”

Here’s the video:

The problem with Black’s claim is that Ron Paul once defended his racist newsletters and former aides have regaled the media with stories of Paul’s homophobia, racism, and anti-Semitism. Paul reportedly once refused to use a gay man’s bathroom and is against the existence of Israel. And no matter how hard Ron Paul tried to run from those racist newsletters, his name is still on them and being endorsed by two white supremacist groups isn’t helping Paul’s image one bit.