Hundreds Storm Police Barricades And Retake Zuccotti Park

Let it never be said that Occupy Wall St. is not without a flair for the dramatic. Shortly before the ball dropped in Times Square, hundreds of protesters swarmed over the unprepared police presence at Zuccotti Park. You will recall that Bloomberg’s Army, the NYPD, forcefully removed the encampment for “safety and health” reasons and has since barricaded the entire PUBLIC park to keep any occupiers from returning.

So much for that. The police tried to hold the line with unconfirmed arrests and confirmed pepper spray to no avail. The protesters knocked the barricades down and stacked them high enough to stand above the crowd. The police have pulled back presumably since they do not have enough manpower to clear the park.

And yes, the drum circle is back and so is the OWS “bat signal”.

There’s the start of your New Year 1%. The 99% haven’t gone away and they’re just getting started.

UPDATE 12:35 AM: The crowd has left Zuccotti before the police were able to rally and are currently marching on Broadway. One protester was seen carrying a piece of the metal barricade over his head.

UPDATE 12:45 AM: The police have finally mobilized. Attempting to corral the spontaneous march from the park.

UPDATE 12:50 AM: The impromptu march walked down to the WTC construction site and circled back to Zuccotti Park. There is a significant police presence. Batons are drawn and mounted police are present. No riot gear as yet.

UPDATE 1:12 AM: The motorized scooter cops are attempting to herd the protesters with predictable results. Several people knocked over. Wouldn’t I get arrested for doing that?

Watch live here