Ron Paul Endorses Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, Blames Women, And Says It Should Be Legal (VIDEO)

Author: January 1, 2012 6:55 pm

Ron Paul has recently been trending upward in the polls and all the skeletons have come bursting out of the closet. From his homophobia to his racist newsletters, Ron Paul has been taking a beating like no other candidate. And now, he has provided yet another reason why no one should vote for him.

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Ron Paul said that sexual harassment in the workplace should be legal and that if women didn’t like it, they should get another job somewhere else.

CHRIS WALLACE: “I want to ask you about one other thing that you wrote back in your book in 1987 about sexual harassment in the workplace.

You wrote this, “Why don’t” — this is about the victims of sexual harassment. “Why don’t they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously, the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem?”

You said that sexual harassment should not be a violation of someone’s employment rights?”

RON PAUL: “Well, the whole thing is, is you have to get a better definition of sexual harassment. If it’s just because somebody told the joke and somebody was offended, they don’t have a right to go to the federal government and have a policeman to come in and put penalties on those individuals. I mean, they have to say, well, maybe this is not a very good environment, and they have the right to work there or not there.”

Here’s the video:

This should be a deal breaker for women voters everywhere. Sexual harassment is NOT acceptable in the workplace. Ron Paul is blaming women for being sexually harassed and that should automatically disqualify him for running for high office. Apparently to Ron Paul, it’s a white mans’ world and women only have one place in it.


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  • Wow, the title of this article is either a complete slander, or you are totally clueless.
    “Endorses Sexual Harassment”
    When did he say that he endorses it? Even in his quote he says that the actions of the harasser cannot be defended.
    “Blames Women”
    Ron Paul never even mentioned women. Are you saying that only woman can be sexually harassed, and that men should just deal with it or can handle it without federal authorities? Why is that? Looks like you are the one discrediting sexual harassment.

    “Says it should be legal”
    Also completely false. He said that the state police is sufficient to handle it instead of the federal government, not that it should be legal! Did you actually pay attention at all? He is totally against any violence, and is the only antiwar candidate.

    Why don’t you find something important to complain about, like Obama going back on his word and allowing american citizens to be detained indefinitely without trial?

    Chris Wallace seems to think that aids can only be transmitted by gays, and you give him credibility? The entire line of questioning is totally ridiculous, it is a 1987 book, and at the time..yes it was much easier to get another job if you didn’t like it.

  • HIV/AIDS *is* a heterosexually-transmitted disease. It is transmitted via certain bodily fluids (blood, semen/pre-ejaculate, vaginal secretions, and breast milk) finding their way into mucous membranes. It is spread through sexual contact, sharing needles, breast feeding, accidental needle sticks, and (rarely) blood transfusions, regardless of the sexual orientation of the people involved.

    Ron Paul is an asscactus for his sexism, his racism, his draconian morality (promiscuous people deserve what they get!) and for wanting us all to live in a libertarian paradise like Somalia, but Mr. Wallace, please don’t perpetuate the myth that HIV/AIDS is only a gay disease.

  • Why don’t they just quit? Really? Throw one’s livelihood away to escape a problem the employer should be dealing with? Only a Republican could be that dense.

  • Well said, Rudy. If it’s any consolation, neither Paul has much of a chance at getting into the White House. Dad is seen as too goofy by both sides and Sonny boy can’t get elected with that shitty rug on his head.

  • Rudy Gonzales

    Rand Paul, the bigot TEA party-er from Kentucky, wants his bigoted father from Texas to be surging now. These two have failed scrutiny in race relations and truthfulne­ss across the board. Rand gain office on the promise of jobs in America and has failed miserably. Every TEA-GOP-Re­pubican have failed the American people miserably in jobs production as they promised in 2010. All the sugar-coat­ing cannot change the reality that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. These two both are pigs at the government­’s trough. They follow Eric Cantor and the Terrifying Errant Activist(T­EA) party’s attempt to subvert America. Civility is still elusive when Paul Ryan and the Toxic Egotistica­­l Activist(T­­EA) party hold hands with the like of Eric Cantor. America’s ideologic spread has widened given the inflexibil­ity of the Taxation Eradicatio­n Activists(­TEA) party and their mentor who covets the Speaker-sh­ip in the House. Cantor’s antics have taken the current 112th Congress down to 9% (dis)appro­val rating. He doesn’t understand the general public’s needs, wants or requiremen­ts, let alone how the Congress is supposed to work. His total function is to protect the top elite 1% and casts cooperatio­n rather than compromise in his quest for deficit reduction.

    • Hey now, we shouldn’t be so insultive to pigs. They’re quite the intelligent animals and saying Ron Paul is one of this is putting him up there with them!

  • “[the knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases] has been known for 400-500 years”

    i call bullshit

    • Just what are you calling BS on?
      Is it that you ignorantly believe that in the modern age STIs were discovered after the 1490s syphilitic outbreak when the cause was known OR do you think that it is highly likely that STIs were known to ancient peoples but that knowledge was lost?

    • In all fairness, yes, we have known about sexually transmitted disease for 4 or 5 centuries. Heck I’d even concede far longer than that. HOWEVER, we have not known how they spread for anywhere near that long. I think it was within the last 250 years where the transmission by sexual contact was figured out, and within the last century that it was a virus that caused it. But don’t confuse Paul with facts, he’s a Republican and they have no use for facts.

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