Newt Gingrich Claims The Founding Fathers Would Be Violent Towards Marijuana Growers (VIDEO)

Author: January 5, 2012 8:38 am

During a town hall event in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich falsely stated that the Founding Fathers would violently oppose Americans who grow and use marijuana today.

“I think Jefferson or George Washington would have rather strongly discouraged you from growing marijuana and their techniques with dealing with it would have been rather more violent than our current government.”

Here’s the video:

Newt Gingrich calls himself a historian, yet he apparently has no knowledge of the fact that two Founders, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, produced hemp on their plantations for use in the production of ropes, textiles, and other products and even smoked it on occasion. Even John Adams supported hemp growth and usage. It’s more likely that the Founders would be screaming at the government to make marijuana legal once again as it was prior to the early twentieth century when corporate businessmen and religious groups lobbied the government to pass laws against the plant.

Perhaps another lesson is in store for Gingrich but I’ll let Washington, Adams, and Jefferson do the teaching.

“Some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere !” ~George Washington

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
~Thomas Jefferson

“We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption.”
~John Adams

Republicans know nothing about the Founding Fathers. They prove it daily. This is just another example.


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  • Are any of those quotes real? The alleged Jefferson quote about the necessity of hemp has only three hits on Google Books before 2000, all in the 1990s. The one about smoking hemp has no hits at all. The Washington quote has five hits before 2000 and the earliest is the mid-80s. The Adams quote has a single hit and it’s from 2010.

    That’s very suspicious. The complete writings, correspondence, pretty much everything the foremost founding fathers put on paper, were all published and available from the mid nineteenth century on.

  • The only ‘history’ Newt peddles is ‘revisionist history’.

  • newt is just a washed up douchebag

  • Mr. Foster, it only damages your credibility when you use a bogus quote in your article. That quote from Thomas Jefferson is only as old as the internet, and has a specific web page saying that the quote can be found nowhere in Jefferson’s writings.

    I think Gingrich is a useless pandering fool, but you as a journalist should always check your sources. Shame on you.

    • Kelly, that little info you vomited out is ALSO “incorrect”, except that DENIES it exists. Yet if you search HARD copy records of Jefferson’s writings, you will see TONS of stuff that he in FACT did SAY/WRITE that they DENY! Of course I do have to tell you that the quote is slightly “off” as it’s accuracy of EXACT words has been watered down greatly by the internet, but the basis and MEANING for it are fairly accurate.

      You should really visit some National Archives and Presidential libraries once in awhile.

      You even said it yourself, the internet is NO place to try and get your information.

      • Great. Tell me where exactly you can source that quote. Has any reputable scholar actually shown that it is an original Jefferson quote? As Allen has pointed out, there isn’t much evidence that the quotes predate the internet era.

        Looking forward to your response.

  • That man is an idiot.

    ‘Nuff said.

  • I’m pretty certain that many of the founding fathers owned farms that grew hemp. That said, here’s a Christian pastor who wants pot legalized now!–now/

  • This is the “history” that he got 1.6 million dollars for knowing.

  • “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” – George Washington, U.S. President quote on Hemp

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