Bryan Fischer: HIV Doesn’t Cause AIDS; Gays Having Sex And Using Drugs To Blame

Bryan Fischer is not known as a friend to the gay community. As head of the American Family Association, Fischer has spread misinformation about homosexuals on an epic scale. Some of his greatest hits include “Gay parents raise gay children”, “Gay parents molest their children”, “Homosexuality is a choice”, etc. This is not to say Fischer and the AFA invented these attacks on gay rights, but they make sure it gets the widest possible conservative audience.

Recently, Fischer has joined the ranks of the truly despicable by promoting the myth that the HIV virus is not the cause of AIDS. His “proof”? Magic Johnson.

In his one his many articles promoting conservative Christian antigay propaganda, Fischer had this to say:

One would have expected pictures of Magic, taken 20 years after this life-sentence diagnosis, to be a withered, shriveled version of his former self, his life force eaten away by this killer virus.

But pictures of Magic show him to be as healthy as the proverbial horse. He’s considerably bulkier than he was in his playing days, and as the saying goes, seems quite comfortable in his own expanded skin.

So, Magic Johnson, a man with significant resources, has managed to successfully combat a virus with the benefit of cutting edge medical technology and that means the virus is simply “a harmless microbe.” What, then, does Mr. Fischer believe actually causes AIDS?

Gay sex and gay drug use. Really.

So what is the cause of what we know as AIDS? What is the cause of this condition that is killing people? Duesberg’s answer can be found in one word: drugs.

And specifically, drug use connected with the kind of sex that is far too common in the homosexual community. While the average heterosexual has somewhere between seven to 14 sexual partners in a lifetime, it is not uncommon for homosexuals to have hundreds, even thousands, of sexual partners. 

Peter Duesberg is a once-prominent virologist that, during the initial outbreak of HIV/AIDS and  in the face of increasingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary, clung to the scientifically disproven idea that HIV was not the source of AIDS. You can clearly see why he would be a darling of a Religious Right desperate for any shred of respectability to dress up its bigotry and hatred of homosexuality in the disguise of “actual science.”

The number of falsehoods Fischer promotes is astonishing. First, as a Fag Hag (a heterosexual that collects gay friends like barnacles) I’m more than passably familiar with the gay lifestyle. I can’t wait to tell my friends that they’re going to have a TON of sex in the future with possibly thousands of people! Cause they sure ain’t doing it now!

Next, I find it deeply unlikely that the entire continent of Africa, long ravaged by AIDS, is engaged in one huge, drug fueled orgy. Far too many of them can barely afford basic necessities much less buy recreational drugs. Of course, Fischer ignores this rather large piece of reality because it does not fit his narrative in much the same way religious conservatives ignore lesbians because they have one of the lowest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases among all sexually active demographics. It’s hard to blame the “gay lifestyle” for disease, depravity and divine retribution if the female half of the gay population directly refutes your “facts”. When in doubt, just pretend it doesn’t exist. Just like Fischer ignores Africa.

Fischer goes on to say that the HIV/AIDS link is a hoax perpetrated by the scientific community in the same way that Climate Change is a hoax (I did mention Fischer is a Right Wing hack, didn’t I?). Eager for grant money “so that lavish lifestyles can be maintained at taxpayer expense,” scientists embellish the dangers of HIV while ignoring the real cause of AIDS: those darn gay people. I’m sure many scientists engaged in researching HIV will find the description of their lifestyles  as “lavish” to be singularly amusing.

Undaunted by facts or morality, Fischer even proposes a solution for the epidemic!

Bottom line? HIV does not cause AIDS. So let’s immediately stop spending billions of dollars trying to kill a harmless microbe. And secondly, let’s tell homosexuals to stop sleeping with other men, stop using poppers, and stop shooting up. If they listen to that message, public health will improve, everybody will live longer, and taxpayers will be able to keep more of their money. What’s not to like?

To summarize: Homosexuals are terrible people that do drugs and are far too promiscuous for God’s taste, therefor, sex and drugs are the cause of AIDS and homosexuals should stop being sinners for the sake of all of us normal people.

If this doesn’t make it perfectly clear where the extreme hatred and violence directed at homosexuals comes from, nothing will. AFA is a major player in Right Wing politics and is often used as a “resource” by Republicans seeking to suppress gay rights. These are not rational people and the more the public is exposed to this kind of extreme bigotry, the quicker they will see a good portion of the GOP for what they really are: religious fanatics.

Read Fischer’s diatribe here.

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