Mitt Romney Took Part In A ‘Pro-Vietnam’ Draft Rally (IMAGE)

Author: January 9, 2012 3:03 pm

Just when you thought Willard Mitt Romney couldn’t possibly be any more nauseatingly Establishmentarian  while simultaneously hoodwinking you into a sub-prime mortgage with his unctuous Mad Men look, it seems the corporation BFF once  took part in a demonstration in favor of the Vietnam War draft. Perhaps I shall reiterate that in the event you suddenly spewed your fat-free white chocolate Grande Mocha all over the screen: the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee (just don’t tell the GOP that) proudly took part in a rally that favored a conscript army, or one that plucked the poor and dispossessed from their prairie or urban ghettos and forced them to fight for some convoluted, multi-presidency quagmire designed to make the fat cat oligarchs of the military-industrial-complex and armchair politicians richer and more powerful.

Back when the  Macy’s Mormon Mannequin was just a young, impressionable son of a multi-millionaire former Governor, it seems he was a Vietnam war protestor. Mitt Romney wasn’t your usual long-haired hippie or impoverished drafted Vet with PTSD demonstrating against one of the greatest shining lies in American history either. Rather, Willard Mitt Romney (hold your breath) protested against the anti-war protesters. Call Credence Clearwater Revival and alert them that there actually exists a real life Fortunate Son, especially considering Romney, much like Cheney and other war-mongering chicken hawks, didn’t actually serve in Vietnam. Romney conveniently was exempt from the draft on the account of being a Mormon missionary, thus he was considere[d] “‘a minister of religion” by the church and was exempt from the draft.

Here’s a rather amusing story from Buzzfeed regarding Mitt Romney’s anti-Vietnam protestor stance

Carey Coulter, a conservative and anti-Communist student who had spent time as a civilian in Vietnam, was outraged and organized a counter-protest. […]

As the roughly 150 counter-protesters held signs and chatted with passing students, a tall, neatly-dressed 19-year old Coulter had never seen before approached him.

“He walked up to me and said that he had some experience with the press, and that he would handle the press for me if I wanted him to,” Coulter recalled. “I said fine, because I was busy running the demonstration.”

Awe, Awe, it’s Mitt Romney when he was just a little creepy twerp. Here we see preppy, privileged stuffed shirt Romney standing in stark contrast to the relaxed dress of the revolutionary swinging 60s. He joins his other totally square, rich brat friends and holds up a placard at a pro-draft demonstration at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, in May 1966. 

They say pictures speak volumes. If that’s true, the picture above must be coming in at 20,000 decibels with this message loudly blasting: “I am an ‘ardent supporter’ of other kids (poor and middle-class) going off to die in Vietnam, but, gosh golly gee, my silly cultist religion requires me to go live in a palace in France:

Later in life, Mitt Romney expressed his desire to have fought in Vietnam.
“I longed in many ways to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there, and in some way it was frustrating not to feel like I was there as a part of the troops that were fighting in Vietnam,” Mitt Romney speaking to the Boston Globe in June of 2007
This is very troublesome for a man who wants war with Iran over its supposed weapons system and appears readily willing to exploit and already overstretched military by sending other people’s kids to combat. After all, his kids already made the militate sacrifice for their country when they served on their dad’s failed 2008 presidential bid. In short, Mitt Romney appears to be another draft-dodging, privileged chicken hawk who prefers sending other people’s (poor and middle-class) kids into combat. Wow, the shock and awe.
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  • Stormin Norman

    The point, Mr. Rice, is that Romney’s recent saber rattling regarding Iran and military force in general is just a bag of what could be called Mitt Shi*! After what his party did regarding John Kerry’s actual honorable service in Viet Nam during the ’04 campaign, I say expose this guy for the tea-sippin’, draft duckin’, chicken hawk that he is! Further, his corporate raidin’, job destroyin’, Wall Street profiteerin’ mentality should be fully explored also. After all the obstruction and defamation perpetrated against Obama since his election, Mr. Romney should finally have to experience “war” in the election campaign of 2012.

  • “I longed in many ways to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there, and in some way it was frustrating not to feel like I was there as a part of the troops that were fighting in Vietnam,” Mitt Romney speaking to the Boston Globe in June of 2007

    Hey Mitt the Flipp, ever hear of ENLISTING? Just another load of crap spewed by this worthless piece of s**t. He would say anything, do anything, and sell out anyone to get the nomination.

  • I’m not sure what the big surpise here is in the tone. Polls taken at the time show a pretty consistent support for the Vietnam War among young people. It’s just that the anti-war protesters were much much noisier.


  • Willard’s support for the Viet Nam war didn’t extend to actually serving in it. His willingness to send the sons of the peasant classes off to Viet Nam was only the precursor of his willingness to send peasant class jobs to China.

  • typo…”why WASN’T he in Vietnam?”

  • If he was such a big supporter of the Vietnam war, why was he in Vietnam?

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