Paul Ryan Opposes SOPA, Says It Could Censor The Internet

The list of politicians opposed to the Stop Online Piracy Act is growing. In a prepared statement, one of the most powerful conservatives in Congress has joined the likes of Darrell Issa, Ron Paul, and Nancy Pelosi in opposition of the controversial bill that would censor the internet.

“The Internet is one of the most magnificent expressions of freedom and free enterprise in history. It should stay that way. While H.R. 3261, the Stop Online Piracy Act, attempts to address a legitimate problem, I believe it creates the precedent and possibility for undue regulation, censorship and legal abuse. I do not support H.R. 3261 in its current form and will oppose the legislation should it come before the full House.”

This is yet another significant blow to SOPA and could very well doom the bill to being rejected by Congress. Paul adds his opposition to a growing number of politicians and internet companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. To read more about the dangers of SOPA, click here.