Indiana Senate Bill Would Give School Boards The Power To Force Teachers To Teach Creationism As Science

Author: January 12, 2012 8:07 am

This is what happens when religious extremists have control over a political party in America. A Senate bill being considered in Indiana would allow school boards across the state to force teachers to teach creationism as science. Senate bill 89 would amend the Indiana Education code by adding the following passage:

“Sec. 18. The governing body of a school corporation may require the teaching of various theories concerning the origin of life, including creation science, within the school corporation.”

In other words, teachers will be forced to teach their students creationism, which is not recognized as a real science in the scientific community because there isn’t any evidence to support the Biblical theory. This is just a way for the religious right to indoctrinate children in our schools against their will and clearly violates the religious freedom of non-Christians. Creationism belongs in church, NOT schools. If passed, the new law would go into effect on July 1, 2012. You can view the Senate bill 89 here.


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  • My guess is they’ll insist that schools teach that the earth is flat, the sky is a dome above it and the stars are holes pierced in the dome so the light of heaven can shine down on us. Also that’s where God lives . . . on the other side of the dome . . . where the light is. There are some who think the moon and mars landings are staged by those Communist Socialist Atheists in Hollywood. There are others who think this is all of the above is a myth.

    Which ones would you rather be?

  • …and the middle ages begin anew.

  • Why are so many Christians arguing about which Bible is the “real” one. I’ve heard the discussion get pretty heated, some even calling the non-King James versions “trash.” Ironically, the historical record is clear about the sexual preferences of the aforementioned King James. It seems he had a male lover, and everyone knew about it. If you don’t believe me, check the historical record. It is the irony of ironies that the man who commissioned the book that so many Christians use to discriminate against the gay community is named for a homosexual. Back to you, Chet.

  • Evolution is and has been observed. Evolution is and has been tested. Evolution is and has been repeatable.

    The ONLY evidence for creationism is a chapter in a roughly 6000 year old book. Words written by intoxicated men who were trying to think up the best explanation they could come up with based on their extremely limited knowledge of the natural world, (knowledge that included the believe that the world was flat, and the center of the universe) and how they theorize that an omnipotent being probably would have had to do it.

    With all the knowledge that the average westernized person has at their disposal in this, the 21st century. Why would Any THINKING individual choose to believe a theory put forth by purely ignorant intoxicated pedophiles who didn’t even understand the basic workings of the most simple things in their ever day lives, over a society of relatively SUPER educated people who have learned to manipulate the very ground,sea and air in/on which they live to the extent of being able to land men on the MOON!!

    It would be the same as believing the theory of a kindergartener over their own father in regards to how things work.

    Can we all not see how fundamentally flawed and rediculous that is!?!

    We HAVE the data. We’ve tested the findings. We’ve put the information through the tests TIME AND TIME again. It’s all out there for your perusal.


  • I read this article and every single comment and reply. But nowhere was I able to see what Mr. Spivey wrote. Anyone know where/how I can find these?

    Thank you.

  • At times like this I am ashamed to be a Hoosier.


    • Neither Creationism or Evolution can be considered science. According to the scientific theory it must be observable, testable, and repeatable. Either can be considered a philosophy. So why can’t creationism be taught as an alternative theory?

      • We can observe Evolution just fine- Geneticists have been able to observe changes in flies, bacteria, and other living things with “short” life spans and add to the Theory of evolution…

        Find me something from the “creationism” that is observable and testable… then we’ll revisit this issue.

      • Mike, If you don’t think evolution works then why not pass on your flu shots the next time a new {i.e. mutated, evolved) deadly flu strain appears. You might survive, if your ancestors accidentally passed on an immunity, but if not then you might die. That’s how evolution works. Just chance & good luck.

        • You shouldn’t be pretending to understand evolution, Mike. It’s quite clear that you don’t have a clue. I also can bet with confidence that I know where your philosophical & religious notions & intentions are derived. Basically, even though you wouldn’t agree, I’m telling as a matter of fact that you are transparent. In fact, I personally hope you “open your mouth” again to reply to my note to you. It’s bound to have more cliches & other religious nuances.

  • Hmmm. Teaching creation “science”… that’ll be a short lesson.

  • Have the Indiana state senators not heard of the SCOTUS cases, Epperson v. Arkansas, Edwards v. Aguillard, or the federal court cases, McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education, or Kitzmiller v. Dover? In every one of these cases, SCOTUS has ruled that teaching creationism, “Intelligent design,” or any other form of religion-based “science.”

    Do they really think that their laws should somehow supercede Federal case law? Are these people insane, arrogant, or ignorant, or some combination thereof?

  • Bart Schneider

    80% of U.S. 6th graders cannot find the United States on a world map. Who cares what these snake handlers attempt to teach? It will not matter to the Wal-Mart greeters and burger-flippers of the future.

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