Missouri Republicans Introduce Bill That Forces Educators To Teach Creationism In Schools And Universities

Author: January 12, 2012 10:04 pm

Apparently it’s that time of year when every Republican controlled legislature introduces bills designed to force Christianity upon us. As I reported earlier on Thursday, the Indiana Senate introduced a bill that allows school boards to force teachers to teach creationism as science. Now I’m disappointed to report that my home state of Missouri is considering a similar bill, except this one is far worse.
On January 10, 2012, the Missouri House of Representatives introduced a bill that would force educators to teach creationism in schools as an accepted science, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of the scientific community rejects creationism as science. But this bill is worse than the Indiana bill. House bill 1227 or the Missouri Standard Science Act skips school boards and directly forces teachers to teach creationism. The bill goes even further than that, however. It not only requires that creationism be taught in elementary and high school, but also in introductory college science courses as well. It also requires textbooks to include creationism.

This bill seeks to violate religious freedom and is an attempt by Republicans to indoctrinate our kids. It forces teachers to drill an unfounded Biblical belief into the minds of students, even if it goes against their own religious beliefs. It also forces college professors, who have spent their academic careers in the science community, to teach an entirely rejected theory that has no factual basis in science as an accepted theory to impressionable college students. This can easily be construed as a church effort to convert non-believers and those of different faiths to Christianity.

The bill is wrong on so many levels it’s pitiful. For decades, religious fundamentalists have attempted to force the Bible on school children and their number one target has been evolution. They hate it because it is supported with facts and evidence. So they have tried to re-introduce creationism as “intelligent design” or “biological intelligent design” as this bill refers to it as. The fact is, creationism has zero evidence to support it. Proponents of creationism can only use Biblical text as a source. Real scientists rely on evidence to prove theories and evolution is an evidence supported scientific fact. That is why evolution, NOT creationism, is taught is schools. Teaching a religious theory only opens the doors to division among students. If one religious theory has to bed taught, then ALL the theories of other religions must be taught as well. That takes students away from actual learning, which will only cause our national science scores to drop. How can our kids learn about real sciences if most of the class time is wasted presenting all the various religious theories that have no evidence to back themselves up? In short, they can’t. Schools have a limited amount of time as it is to cram as much of the curriculum they can into the developing minds of the kids they teach. Adding a bogus religious theory to the curriculum only makes their jobs more difficult. And that would be disastrous to our education system which I suspect is also part of the reason why conservatives are pushing these bills.


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  • Amos Jolthead

    Oh, what a shame. You mean a viewpoint with certain metaphysical conclusions are being forced upon your children!? I’m sure people of opposing viewpoints have NO clue what you’re going through. It’s funny to see even a small threat to people or mobs who hold various forms of power.

  • Trotta Pasquale

    Ignorance and cancer. I don’t know what’s the biggest evil in our world at the moments but none can stand at those giants.

  • I listened to a radio show about the composer Benjamin Brittan. He was Charles Darwin’s nephew; and yes, “On the Origin of Species” came out when he was young.

    He asked his mother, “The Bibles tells us that the earth came into being this way, but Uncle Charles says it didn’t happen that way. Who’s right?”
    His mother said, “It’s glorious, no matter who’s right.”

  • It’s really just a stunt, and they know it. Even if it passes, it will die a quick death in the courts. This stuff has already been decided in past cases, and has no chance of remaining on the books.

    • Absolutely Steve,
      They know it will not pass, of course it wouldn’t, but it is being introduced now because we are getting close to another big election, and now is the time to get the masses riled up. I have never seen so many “out of the woodwork” right wing politicians in my life! I have never seen the US as polarized as it is now. It seems that instead of becoming more moderate, humanitarian, and intelligent, the right is becoming more radical. And that goes for those in politics and my neighbors and peers as well. It is as if we are experiencing a backlash of some kind. I am a little afraid of how things will take shape, or evolve, in our society in the ensuing years…

  • These attempts for the government leaders to cling to that “Old Time religion” is their desperate efforts to keep the Roman theory of mass control rolling along into the future. The Age of Stupidity is getting its unwelcome share of reality check from those who are growing in the knowledge that mythology is dead.


    Caesar’s Messiah by Joseph Atwill


    As the curtain is being pulled back to reveal the con man controlling the display… the truth is seen for what it really is.
    a Joke on the masses to control them.

  • The thing that you are missing, J Mills et al, is that what you are espousing is a CHRISTIAN/JEWISH viewpoint – which makes creationism a religious doctrine and therefore its teaching in public schools violates the 1st Amendment.

    Even if I were to accept the notion that Creationism is valid, you and your ilk are advocating teaching only the Christian/Jewish version. I never hear you talking of including all the other variations of the creation of the universe including Buddhism, Hindi, Islam, Traditional African, American Indian, Indigenous South American, extra-religious theories like Theistic Evolution, the list goes on.

    And why is that? Oh that’s right – because what you want is YOUR belief system taught in public school, not anything else that might contradict it. This law will not stand up to legal scrutiny because its very nature violates one of the core principles on which this country was founded. Sorry if you don’t like that. Please go to church and learn all you want to about Creationism, believe in it all you want, but don’t for a minute try to convince the rest of us that our kids must learn your religion in our schools.

    • William Taylor

      David, that is a clear and concise answer to this issue. I don’t think I would have such a problem with teaching alternet theories in school, IF, they included every theory equally and with bias towards Evolution. Our History books are already corroded with opinion over fact, we need to stick as close as we can to science in our science books!

  • Once again another attempt to teach fantasy as reality. Christianity is beginning to resemble Scientology more and more every day.

  • First off I like to say how sad it is to live with somebody being forced to teach religious doctrine as scientific fact. However, several things bother me about your blog post. First, you state that creationism is any form is wrong. So in essence you are the opposite side of the coin from these Republicans. You are trying to force your beliefs on them. How is that any different from what they are trying to do to you and the teachers of your state. Second, I have reservations about some aspects of the THEORY from some “scientists” from some times. There are unanswered questions to the THEORY wish need to be answered. So while I support evolution as the best theory, Panspermia only other theory offered besides the two mentioned, I don’t believe that proves there is no God, no Soul, or that my religious belief is wrong. I come from the Catholic Church that constantly is under attack by scientists and the religious fundamental, partly because we take a middle way approach to this question, due ideological reasons ie arrogance. As a great Scifi Character said, who was written by an Evolutionist and an Atheist, “Yes, they are a mystery. And I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the universe, that we have not yet explained everything.” So while I respect and agree with not teaching religious doctrine as science I feel you wrote your blog without much reflection and in anger. We are all guilty of the offense sometimes, myself included, and unfortunately once out there on the Internet hard to take back or even clearify.

    • Henry Rinehart

      G, I’m not sure exactly who you are, but I’d like to reply to your post thusly–

      First off, the person who wrote this article did not state that “creationism in any form is wrong”. The article states that, “creationism has zero evidence to support it. Proponents of creationism can only use Biblical text as a source. Real scientists rely on evidence to prove theories and evolution is an evidence supported scientific fact. That is why evolution, NOT creationism, is taught is schools.” No one is trying to force the Republican’t politicians to believe in anything, they are perfectly free to believe the world is flat and at the center of the entire universe if they wish. What the Constitution states plainly, however, is that Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion, and that is what precisely what the Republican’ts are attempting to accomplish. They are attempting to FORCE our public schools and colleges to teach a religious MYTH, as distinguished from a theory, to every child regardless of that child’s religious beliefs or background.

      This is unacceptable, and is what everyone is complaining about. Your statement is incorrect, since the evidence for the theory of evolution is published fact, with more evidence supporting it every year. Creationism and intelligent design have no supporting evidence, no facts to back up the ideas, and less and less support every year, except in radical “Christian Dominionist” groups and their supporters, such as the Republican’ts.

      As to your comments about God and Soul, I don’t know who or what you have been talking to or reading from, but to the best of my knowledge the experiments in evolution are not concerning themselves with either. As for the Catholic Church being under attack by scientists, well, G, I can’t work up a lot of sympathy for the Catholic Church on that. The Catholic Church spent the better part of 2000 years waging war on science and scientists, going so far as to capture, imprison, torture, and kill scientists whose only crime was citing repeatable, verifiable FACTS about the things they observed and measured in the world. I submit that if the Catholic Church had treated ME that way, it would have made me sort of grumpy too.

      By the way, when quoting authors and their characters, please remember to add names. I’m curious as to who this “great scifi character” is, and would be glad to trade you excellent book titles if you’d like.

      I agree that the author of this article was probably rather angry while he was writing it. I was angry when I read it, and was made even more furious by some of the responses to it. But most of your complaints appear to be due to your own prejudices and a few misunderstandings, not his. Feel free to write back to me at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss this further, or if you have any complaints about my response to your post.

  • All you Republicans,spare us the “pious baloney” from the science classroom. I believe the first scenario pitting science with scripture was the geocentric vs. heliocentric issue. THAT issue should have been the first clue to believers that the bible was not a science text book. That was around 400 years ago, and yet from one generation to the next, you have folks who insist that the bible be taken literal in every situation from century to century. It’s tiring just to think of folks who have this line of thinking, who refuse to accept the truths that science presents.

  • All I can say is its a good thing all my children are grown otherwise I’d probably end up in jail. I read these things and I get so angry that I know I would be storming the lege and/or my child’s school. I need an anger management program!

  • Creationism has no place in PUBLIC schools. It’s rightful place is in divinity schools, parochial schools and home schools.

    I’ve lived in Kansas and Missouri, and got totally frustrated with the narrow-mindedness and cockamamie Conservatives. When Kansas basically repeated the Scopes Monkey Trial a few years back, I bailed-out; NEVER going back to the 19th Century.

    Apparently, some people didn’t get the memo regarding The Enlightenment.

  • “The bill goes even further than that, however. It not only requires that creationism be taught in elementary and high school, but also in introductory college science courses as well. It also requires textbooks to include creationism.”

    This does not make sense. How can a college be legally required to teach creationism? How can a textbook company be legally required to include it in textbooks? Where is the precedent for requiring a college to teach a specific course? Are we talking state universities only? Degree requirements aren’t decided by legislators, so just how would this work? Textbook companies are private businesses. Doesn’t add up.

  • Why am I not surprised by Missouri? (Or how they pronounce it in Arkansas…Misery). Missouri is also #1 in Methanphetamine production in the nation. From that fact alone…nothing weird that originates from Missouri surprises me!

  • Everyone in our household thought it was a joke blog.. I feel so ashamed for your country right now

  • Others have spoken about how Creationism or its latest evolution, intelligent design are discredited attempts to shoehorn religion into actual observational science, and an attempt to have the church dominate the classroom. I think the absolute factual basis of evolutionary science, and the farcical fairy tale that is ID have been discussed enough. So lets look past that obvious point, and discuss the other problems with this lunatic fringe effort.

    The Bill seeks to decide in a courthouse what can and cannot be taught in a classroom. Even if we ignore the inherently religious aspect of the fringe theory, and even if we ignore the obvious violation of church and stste, since when do politicians decide what gets taught in science class? Since when do we feel comfortable letting the government dictate what theories of ANY nature can and cannot be taught as a science? Anyone remember back when that crazy European Reich banned a number of sciences in the classroom (such as physics) because they were categorised as ‘jewish sciences’? Not the same thing here, but only because of degrees of scale. Substantively, it is exactly the same thing.

    Odd to see republicans so eager to give the government so much more power, so much more reach and so much more ability to meddle in the lives of Americans.

    As an aside, this is why those GOPers who seek to get rid of the Federal Board of Education are wrong, because left to themselves, the states will do things like this, and push themselves into the dark ages again. Science is determined by scientists, accoding to scientific method, one of the main principles of which is an active, constant effort to disprove your own theories with the evidence. Ask the zealots who propsed this bill: would any amount of evidence to the contrary EVER convince you that you are wrong? When they inevitably say No, THAT is why ID/Creationism isnt science.

  • Wow, the level of ignorance in that very statement is amazing me. Charles Darwin very much believed in his theory of evolution, although even in its earliest stages of discovery he realized the trouble it would cause with those who believe the bible to be the only fact available on the origin of man. I can’t wait until people like you face God and have to answer for questioning his true laws, The Laws of Science. I mean have you ever considered that if there is a God who created the universe and every living thing that there might be a formula in which he would go about creating such complex and amazingly different species? Like I dont know protiens and amino acids maybe. Or maybe your right and God hates science, He is waiting on our human sacrafices and blood letting cermonies to begin so he can know how much we revere him and how thankful we are that he didn’t blot the sun out of the sky today. If theres one thing I know its that how God operates the world should not be decided by people who would close their minds off to the parts of his creation that dont fit with their insecure beliefs.

    • The ignorance extends only as far as your reply to it; clearly, you have missed the point. This article is not about religion-bashing. This is not an attack on you and your god. No one is telling you what you can and can’t believe. However, Creationism is not science; it’s religion. It is not supported by facts and evidence; it is founded on belief and supposition. As it is not science, it has no place being taught along side Evolution. Evolution is a theory that is back by experimentation, evidence, and hard facts.

      On a side note, with your judgemental and ignorant remarks, is it any wonder so many people have such a low opinion of Christians? You’ve done them no favors with your comments.

    • So, I guess you not only didn’t pay much attention in science class, but you blew off spelling and grammar lessons, too.

    • How old are you 5?

    • J Mills…
      So you know the mind of God do you? (Good for you.)
      Waiting on human sacrifices? Blood letting? Blotting out the sun?


      That’s just sick.

      I don’t believe that God hates science; because he doesn’t exist.

      As a matter of fact, I HAVE closed my mind to your God, as well as all the others, and I don’t feel the least bit insecure about it.

      • Nicole: You said, “God…doesn’t exist.” That’s as cold and dogmatic as a fundie saying “You haven’t accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour so you’re going to Hell.”

        To me, God/Spirit/the supernatural doesn’t come under Science. It’s not about empirical scientific proof. And that’s where I’m coming from in the Creationism vs. Science debate: Creationism comes under belief/spiritual, therefore it is not science and shouldn’t be taught as such.

        Don’t stick needles into my totem and I won’t make you jump over a fire.

    • Henry Rinehart

      J Mills, don’t mind Motherunit–not all of us are proficient at the same things. I like your sentiment, even if your spelling and grammar are a bit lacking at times, and you are absolutely right. I’m sort of curious about what God will have to say to these twits as well, when they finally have to explain their blighted lives and idiotic choices to Him. I have said before, and will gladly say again, that when someone can offer PROOF of creationism/intelligent design that will stand up to scientific scrutiny (and no, “because the bible says so” is NOT acceptable scientific proof) then I’ll stand squarely behind these morons’ attempts to get it taught in anything but comparative religion class. If we let them get away with this then teaching Flat Earth Theory is next, and they’ll probably get around to insisting on teaching the Geocentric Theory as well–because every right-thinking imbecile knows the Flat Earth is at the dead center of Creation, and EVERYTHING revolves around us. . .

      I really wish these moron Republican’ts would find something better to do with their time, like jerk off on each other or stick pencils up their noses.

    • I honestly don’t care if I meet up with God and he condemns me for not believing. Evolution teaches us that species adapt. Habituation is a process in which species become attuned to stimulants. Pain is a conscious human reaction, and suffering is an emotional reaction. I think after a few hundred years of suffering,my nerves will be too burned too feel, and my emotions too habituated to care. Also, I don’t think that people say this enough. Evolution is a theory. This theory is based upon evidence. These theories to not attempt to prove or disprove a God or his hand in the creation of the universe.

      Teach creationism in church. Teach evolution in school. Keep these two things separated.

  • If I were a Christian I’d be pretty worried about Big Gov putting its sticky fingers in my bible. They may want to make some changes you guys may not like.

  • easy tell your kid to just walk out of the class room the moment it comes up and stand out side the door

    at the Collage level it should be offered as its own class if some one really wants to take it as an elective but it should not count for a science credit

    • You do realize that the moment walkouts start happening, teachers and cops start getting paranoid that it’s the East LA Walkouts all over again and kids will get arrested and assaulted, right? Then again, they already get shot and tasered by cops for no reason as it currently stands.

  • All the more reason people NEED to vote? or is it a lie too? i just feel like the human race is so off-track…was it ever on track? we have a planet under our feet,,I don’t think any god will be there to catch us when the planet splits in half,,or when the planet is used up of all it’s resources, PEOPLE WTF?!?!?!?! we are all of the same Gene Pool…doesn’t matter how our skin looks, nor does our size or build or form play a big part in this either,,We are all here. We have Evolved. and until we delete all these insane religions that were all created when we thought the earth was flat, we will never move forward. We need to get on the same page. that page is not in any bible or work of fiction, non-fiction, or sci-fi. listen to the trees,,watch a plant grow,,,watch a woman give birth,see two people and their love of one another,,watch a group of people build a structure watch a dog pull a drowning child from a lake or a river with no command!. Working together as a team is the best option,,but noone wants to be on the same team because of Religions and skin colors, this is BS and if I could Check out and move to mars or even further away I would..I am Ashamed of how people go about themselves..I am most ashamed of the people who do not stand up for the truth,,the people who just take it because it’s easier to do so,,there will be no change until we All stand together,99% and 1% we need to become 100%.

    • I think what you are saying is indicative of a new evolved way of thinking. I do believe this is the next phase of our social evolution as humans. We made it from the stone ages through the industrial age and survived as a species. We’ve also survived – so far – having the capabilities to destroy ourselves in mere moments.

      Now we are struggling, as a species, with the wake up moment of knowing at any time what is happening to us on a global scale, where the inequities of our current paradigm become undeniably evident.

      As a species, we are facing one inconvenient truth after another, how will we adapt? Will we survive? What bedrock will we base our beliefs on? And, more importantly, what kind of adaptations will take us forward as a species in the best way?

      This time it won’t be a matter of world exploration, or colonialism, or manufacturing that takes us through this phase of our evolution – it will be, no, it already is, an evolution of consciousness. It’s been going on for awhile now, and the old way that is dying, and those who are desperately clinging to the old ways, are not going quietly.

      Nothing unusual about that, all life struggles to continue. But like all evolution, one way ceases as another begins, and all birth is a struggle where something ends before birth can happen.

      This is the battle right now, and some of it will be taken care of just by the passage of time, because most of the adherents to the old paradigms are going to pass away, but there will still be struggles.

      I think this is the reality of Armeggedon and the Mayan calendar predictions of a world ending. The world that existed for millenia is ending – we have changed it. Earth even looks different from space now, just in the course of my lifetime.

      What comes out of this period is going to be radically different than any previously known period in history, and it’s already started. Sometimes it’s scary and I wonder if we’re going to make it, but it’s also exciting.

  • So G thinks biblical creationism should be taugh in schools because some kids want it. Just ask her sisters why learning the bible isn’t bad. That may be true (although I think the bible and all books like it belong on the mythology shelf). G, I’m going to say this slowly so you understand: the bible is NOT based on scientific fact. Those who wrote the bible had no idea why anything happened so they made shit up. Two and two don’t equal five and “intelligent design” doesn’t belong in science class. Oh, and by the way, Darwin totally believed in evolution as a natural mechanism that explained what he observed in nature. He was awe-struck by the beauty of what he saw and exhilarated by his understanding of it. His trouble arose from the religious whack-jobs of his time. Read “On the Origin of Species” and you may start to appreciate just what a trail-blazer Darwin really was.

  • I am sure glad that Missouri legislators have nothing else to worry about. Amazing that people actually elect these ass clowns.

  • Please don’t call them religious “theories” – a theory is a hypothesis that has been tested hundreds to thousands of times and never disproved, ties together multiple hypotheses, and allows scientists to make predictions based on it. To call intelligent design (or any religious creation story) a theory gives it equal credence. Please make sure you are using the proper terminology.

  • Creationism should not be taught outside a mythology class.

  • “Force” it? There are kids who school classes on the Bible because they want to. A lot of this article is your whiny propaganda, trying to tell people learning the Bible is bad. The thing about history classes, they go through the Bible in it and text books along with it. Just ask my sisters. Charles Darwin didn’t even believe in it when he thought of it.

    • No, it’s really not. All this article says is that teaching biblical viewpoints as science is bad. Teaching biblical viewpoints such as Intelligent Design is perfectly fine in a class on religion. In fact, I would encourage teaching Intelligent Design as a religious viewpoint.

      The fact about Intelligent Design is that, as a theory, it’s an absolutely failure. It doesn’t even answer any specific question, only this vague “what are our origins?” Intelligent Design is a rebuttal of the theory of evolution, and even goes so far as to try to discredit the questions that arose from the Linnaean Taxonomy that the theory of evolution was created in order to answer.

      Creationism is a rebuttal by people who are looking for factual proof for the existence of God. Faith is defined as believing something without need of proof. Therefore, people who are trying to prove the existence of God by definition don’t have faith in the existence of God. Creationists don’t have faith.

      Just something to think about.

    • Yes, force it. By making it compulsory it is forced on kids. You might want to look up what that word means. It’s not whiny propaganda about why the Bible is bad either. The Bible is not meant to be taught in public schools as science. There are private schools for that. If the Bible is taught in a comparative religion class, that’s another animal. Also, you might want to check your info on Darwin. There’s a large body of evidence that contradicts your statement.

    • G’s statements above are the *simple proof* we need why religious beliefs can never be allowed supplant science.

      G is utterly unaware of anything Charles Darwin wrote or researched, yet is absolutely willing to dismiss all of it out of hand. In addition, G is totally and completely unaware of genetics or molecular biology, which confirms the theory of evolution as the definitive proof of the origin of species.

      Then, to make the point clear for G, I will affirm that reading the Bible is an excellent idea. When one reads it one discovers that Christianity has, at its center, the worship of a GENOCIDAL deity who demands blood sacrifices at the drop of a hat. That is the sort of deity that they demand ALL of us bend at our knees for. Well, girl. That’s called Bronze Age Middle Eastern Jewish tribal mythology. It’s nothing more and nothing less than that. It’s not science. It’s not modern. It is irrelevant to the 21st century.

      Oh, and crack open that Bible yourself. Clearly, you are not clear on the concept.

      • Harry D. Rake

        All knees will bow Scott, even yours. In the end we all lose are free will and will bow before God. So cling to these days when you can spout what you like, in the end you will know the truth. Like Hitchens, he found out the last few years dying of cancer is a world better than eternal separation from a loving God. You can focus on the damnation. I focus on the grace. You can say, “Hey glad we all accidentally arrived here, the most elaborate thing ever accidentally created.” and I can focus on the maker. America is awesome for that.

      • Dude, you really didn’t know what I was talking about, the “Theory of Evolution” wasn’t called “The Theory of Evolution”. It wasn’t even about evolving, it was more about how species adapt, not evolve like Pokemon. Such as Giraffes and how dogs that live in the desert don’t need fur. Theres no scientific proof of evolution, its still the same creature even if it adapts.
        Charles Darwin’s theory was turned into a bunch of fanfiction by fanboys.

    • I have yet to see a history class in a public school teach the Bible or go through it any way. The only place I’ve seen it taught is in religious ed classes which are not done through public schools, nor should they be taught through public schools. I don’t know where you get your information on Darwin but his supposed recanting of his theory is something that was fabricated by Lady Elizabeth Hope, was denied by his children at the time of her claim and has been thoroughly debunked.

    • Learning the Bible is bad ???

      No. Not really. Who said that? It’s not any worse than learning the Koran.
      It’s fine if you want to learn the Bible OR the Koran or both. Or not learn either of them. This country gives us freedom OF religion. And also freedom FROM religion.Those freedoms extend to our children as well. The Bible and the Koran probably both teach people some valuable lessons that could be very helpful to them. So what? So does Readers Digest and Popular Mechanics.

      What America doesn’t have is freedom to make the public pay to teach kids(who may not even be christians) YOUR religion and ONLY your religion. The public should not have to pay to teach children about ANY religion. This is also the 21st century. So it’s a very good idea to give our future generations a solid foundation in science rather than in fairy tales.

      • Sciences in school can be just as bad, as fairytales. Traditional science is actually against science itself. Charles theory was about how giraffes might differ in size when food is plentiful on the lower parts of the tree.

    • If the kids want Biblical classes what is stopping them from going to church. The church does a better job teaching creationism and dogma. It seems the Churches are failing in their duty. Perhaps the pastors just want to burden the teachers with the work churches should do. However if schools teach creationism would it be fair for churches to teach science, I doubt very much churches will ever teach evolution.

      • Well society often makes fun or condemns people for going to church and teaching people that school is supposed to teach you everything. Telling people that education and degrees are everything. Our society is that corrupt, we even have churches taking government funding.

    • Henry Rinehart

      Gabriella, dear, sit down and hold on–this is going to be a little rough. Dear, passing a law requiring teachers to teach something is most definitely “forcing it”. And Creationism/Intelligent Design has NO science behind it at all, or some one would already have offered a proof that would stand up to scientific scrutiny. Scientists don’t just “make stuff up and hope people believe it”, or at least good scientists don’t. They spend lots of time doing experiments over and over to make sure what they say checks out every time, and THEN they submit their proof to other scientists who spend lots of time making sure the first set of scientists are right. That’s a basic, very general description of what we call “the scientific method”, which relies on PROOF instead of belief.

      As for whiny propaganda, that’s what people who call themselves “Christians” resort to when scientists tell them to prove something. These so-called “Christians” whine about how science is bad, and if you believe in something hard enough it just HAS to be right. Yes, Gabriella, and for a measly $10,000 I’ll sell you one of the unicorns out of the herd I keep in my closet.

      I’d be happy to ask your sisters, although I’m pretty sure that they’re likely to be as confused as you are. And, last but not least, have you ever read anything BY Darwin, and not just official church propaganda ABOUT him? Because, Gabriella, he spent an awful lot of his life researching and writing about scientific evidence he collected, and everything I ever read BY him sounded to me like he was pretty convinced that what he had concluded was correct. Who exactly was it who told you Charles Darwin didn’t believe in evolution? Did that person also tell you that Charles Darwin was a devout Christian? Because he believed in God, that part is right enough, but Darwin most assuredly did NOT believe in organized religion of any kind, most especially “Christianity”.

      And yes, there are kids who school classes on the Bible because they want to. There are also kids who school classes on the Bible because it’s easier than taking that extra Science class, and makes it look like they’re still doing something worthwhile. And there are kids who teach the Bible because they’ve been brainwashed, and have been kept under such strict control by their parents and the Church that they have nothing to compare their current knowledge base with. That, Gabriella, is the real tragedy behind this story–that the Church is, and always has been, so threatened by Science that the Church would like to outlaw Science completely, and spent hundreds of years trying to do exactly that, instead of letting their beliefs compete honestly with facts.

      Please, Gabriella, at least get your facts right the next time you post a comment. You’re entitled to your own opinions, no one will claim you’re not, even if we disagree with them. But NO ONE is entitled to claim opinion as fact. And when you do, don’t be surprised if lots of people write you replies like this one. . .

      • Have you ever thought that someone might be right?
        Dude, you really didn’t know what I was talking about, the “Theory of Evolution” wasn’t called “The Theory of Evolution”. It wasn’t even about evolving, it was more about how species adapt, not evolve like Pokemon. Such as Giraffes and how dogs that live in the desert don’t need fur. Theres no scientific proof of evolution, its still the same creature/animal/being even if it adapts.
        Charles Darwin’s theory was turned into a bunch of fanfiction by fanboys.

  • I am a Missourian and have bachelors degrees in biology and religious studies, a masters degree in biology, and a doctorate of veterinary medicine degree all from the University of Missouri. I practice veterinary medicine in Columbia, Missouri. I am a Christian and this bill is embarrassing to me as a believer, a scientist, and a Missourian. While faith and science are not in any way mutually exclusive (and I know many scientists who are Christians!), science should be taught in science class. Christian intelligent design has no place in the classroom. I have already written my representative.

    • I wish there was a like button!

    • As a Mormon, and a resident of Indiana, who we’ve recently heard about… I am appalled. Besides the obvious constitutional infringement, which version of Creation are they going to teach?!


    • Henry Rinehart

      Maren Bell Jones, you are most definitely an overachiever. The reason this bill, and issues like this, are embarrassing to you is probably that you really believe in Christianity, and not “Christian Dominionism”, the radical group that wants to restructure the United States into a theocracy, with a legal system based strictly on the most severe biblical interpretations of law. The things these Republican’t politicians are proposing are yet more assaults on our Constitution, and direct assaults now, because they believe that no one will dare to oppose them. Thank you for writing to your representative, and I hope it helps, because not much else is. It’s not just your state, unfortunately, it’s a number of states, on a number of different fronts. Kentucky Republican’ts are working on passing a law that will make it okay to bully others, as long as the reason you’re bullying is because of gender or religious beliefs. Federal Republican’ts are attempting to do away with the Fair Labor and Minimum Wage laws, because they hate to see poor children unemployed, and want to enable them to work twelve hour days at slave wages. And, of course, the unending war on women’s rights being waged at both the state and federal levels. . .

      Thank you for your courage, good luck with the education issue, and I hope someone in Missouri decides enough is enough and starts a recall campaign for the worst of the Republican’ts you folk have found yourself saddled with. Be sure you insist on paper ballots, and on local folk checking the count and verifying it. Otherwise the Republican’ts will just bribe their way into office with rigged voting machines again.

    • The bible is a history class where I live. In the history classes they cover the religions with the history. Though there are things they twist in history books.

      I actually agree with PandoraK. XD

  • Barack Obama’s election brought us out of the shadows of world ridicule and scorn. The Theocratic Right must need that to function, because they’re doing their level best to drag us back, kicking and screaming, into that morass.
    Remember that Ron Paul, a (so-called) scientist himself, believes in Creationism over hard science.

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