Follow The Money – Bain Capital Owns Most Conservative And Some Liberal Radio Stations

Author: January 13, 2012 10:03 am

If a Presidential candidate isn’t well liked by the Republican establishment, there is one simple way to ensure that that candidate will be supported by the voices of the Republican establishment; buy them.

Bain Capital is the company that was formerly run by Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. It is also a major shareholder in Clear Channel Radio, the largest owner of radio stations in the US and Premiere Radio, the syndicator of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Fox News Radio Network, and just for a little variety, Randi Rhodes and Jesse Jackson. If you ever wondered why the right ordained Romney the winner before the race even started, this is probably your answer.

Romney no longer works for Bain Capital, but he still relies on them for a great deal of his income. Here is the link to Romney’s complete disclosure, but the screenshots below show the pertinent information.

Bain and Bain Capital are also two of Romney’s largest campaign contributors.

Recently, some surprising pre-election changes have happened on the radio landscape. Most notably, ostensibly liberal San Francisco’s KKGN has been taken over by KNEW and reformatted to be mostly conservative talk, featuring Glenn Beck among others. Both KKGN and KNEW are Clear Channel stations, carrying Premiere Radio Networks shows.

Randi Rhodes has been saying from the beginning that the nominee will be Mitt Romney. Inside information, perhaps? Interestingly, right wing radio has been no fan of Romney, with Rush going as far as to say that Romney is essentially a left wing plot and that Republicans should go the other way:

“I’ve said the White House wants Romney. I have said for months that I think the White House wants Romney for both of these reasons.

They want Romney so they can run against Romneycare. They think they neutralize any opposition to Obamacare because Romney’s got his own health care plan saddle around his neck and they also want to run against him because he’s Mr. Wall Street. I think they’re set up to run against Romney. Now the media is telling us they’re afraid of Romney. That’s strategic so that we think we should support Romney. But the left is never gonna tell us what they really want us to do, and the left is never looking out for our best interests. So when the left tells us who we’d be better off with, go the other way.”

On the other hand, Rush was one of the first to jump to Bain’s and Romney’s defense against attacks from Newt Gingrich. Video below:

While Rush and other extremely well-paid right wing hosts may not be personal fans, they are fans of their paychecks. Last year, Rush signed a contract netting him $38 million a year with a $100 million signing bonus. Other right wing hosts aren’t paid as well, but they are still in the 1% of the 1%, thanks in large part to Bain Capital.

I believe that the tide is starting to turn. It’s long been said that Democrats fall in love and Republicans fall in line. Even at this early point in the primary season, Romney’s critics are beginning to fall in line behind Mitt Romney, because their bosses told them so. And of course, conservative voters will do exactly what their bosses tell them to.


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  • The Corporate Mormon Church (LDS Cult) is a very political and powerful enterprise. It is the richest and one of the most influential political movements on the planet on a per capita basis. The LDS Cult that has rather notoriously gained a level of mastery and mind control over its adherents that Jewish and denominations of the Christian based faiths have not. The Plutocracy has embraced the Mormon Madoff and the Mormon Mafia, because the moral underpinning’s of Christianity pose a check on predatory capitalism, excessive wealth concentration and total exploitation of citizens. The LDS Cult is a ‘spiritual ponzi scheme’which preys on its people, very much like the Republican elite do with co-artists like Mitt Romney.

    The powerful financial Oligarchs want to operate free of ethics or responsibility for the humanity of their countrymen. The Republican establishment and the financial interests behind the party may very well want Christian votes but they don’t want any [Christian] morality or values of equity, fairness and honesty interjected into their Capitalism. Mormons offer what Christians won’t; the cover of spirituality but the liberty from judgment for systems which create divisions and disparity in our society. Whereas Jesus himself through the money-changers out of the temple, Republican establishment elites have allowed them to take over their party.

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