Bill Maher Drinks The Ron Paul Kool-Aid – Conveniently Ignoring Paul’s Domestic Policy (VIDEO)

I sometimes like Bill Maher. I sometimes think Bill Maher spends so much time in his $500 an ounce herbal haze, that he has no idea what matters to real people. Last night’s Real Time was one of those times.

It’s no secret that Bill Maher has a man crush on Ron Paul. Why not? Maher lives the American dream. He isn’t a victim of the Reagan economy. He doesn’t know what sacrifice means. This video below is from Paul’s 2008 failed Presidential campaign.

The Ron Paul worship is back. On last night’s show, he said,

“One of the things he says is, ‘We’ve got an empire, and we should bring all the troops home.’ He’s the one who is, really, in my heart on foreign affairs, not Barack Obama.”

Maher also said that Paul was the only Republican candidate to make him “rise out of my chair and applaud.”

When his audience gave him a lukewarm response, he called them, “brainwashed liberals.”

Okay, fine. I actually do like it when Paul talks like a dove, but then he continues to talk. The fact is, Paul won’t end wars. He won’t bring troops home. He’ll simply put that ball in our very hawkish Congress’s court. No matter what Paul’s intentions, he won’t accomplish non-interventionism. He won’t bring about world peace.

What Paul will do is further screw up this country. One particularly cringe worthy moment in last night’s Real Time, came when guest David Frum suggested that Rick Santorum, though repulsive to the left on social issues, was the only candidate that even spoke of the struggles of the middle class. Maher responded that Santorum was in the same pro-business, anti-regulation “clown car” as the rest of the Republicans. Um, Bill, you mean the same pro-business, anti-regulation clown car that is being driven by Ron Paul? Even the most enthusiastic Paul supporter would have to recognize the hypocrisy there, right?

Maher’s seemingly blind hate towards President Obama was demonstrated even more clearly when the issues of Gitmo and “indefinite detention” were mentioned. Guest Debbie Wasserman Schultz corrected Maher on both issues, saying that Gitmo can only be closed if Congress funds the closing, which they refuse to do, and that the NDAA does not call for indefinite detention. Not only did Maher not defend his own views, Schultz’s facts seemed to fall on deaf ears, leading me to believe that Maher would be quite happy to see the economy fall, as long as he can vote for the guy who talks about legalizing his $500 weed. Besides, Paul only wants to defer drug laws to the states…great if you live in one of a handful of states, but maybe not so much in most of the rest of the country.