Occupy Protesters Kicked Off Greyhound Bus, Stranded In Texas Because Bus Driver Hates OWS Movement

Twitter is up in arms today after Occupy protesters learned about an incident involving fellow protesters that occurred in Amarillo, Texas.

On Saturday, a driver kicked 13 passengers off his Greyhound bus after discovering that they were Occupy protesters from San Diego en route to Washington DC. The driver, Don Ainsworthy, allegedly shouted at them, called them “you people” and told them they weren’t welcome in the nation’s capital or anywhere else for that matter. He then kicked them off the bus, effectively stranding them in Amarillo, Texas.

People immediately sought to aid the 13 protesters, who were on their way to a rally. According to CrooksAndLiars.com, after local media arrived to report on the incident, Papa John’s Pizza provided food and some kind folks offered to buy airline tickets to get them the rest of the way. Police have taken down the name of the driver and the 13 Occupiers, undeterred, have resumed their travel on another Greyhound bus.

This is clearly an action that should result in the firing of the driver. Kicking people off a bus because you don’t agree with their cause is akin to kicking a black person off a bus because of their color. It’s not right and should not be tolerated in the United States of America. But this is the kind of hatred that corporations and conservatives have generated against the Occupy Movement. To call Greyhound and tell them how you feel, call 800-442-8480.