The Tea Party For Obama?

Yeah, you read that right. It looks like not all Tea Partiers are die-hard conservatives with no brains. A Tea Party group has seen the light and is supporting President Obama for re-election. The website is called Tea Party for Obama and their message is simple. President Obama is the ONLY choice to lead our country because the conservative candidates are “incompetent and weak.” This is the welcome message on their website:

“The Tea Party for Obama is a group of fellow citizens like yourself, that have come to the conclusion that the conservatives in our land are incompetent and weak, and therefore, our only alternative is to back our President and embrace the hope and change he plans for our great nation.”

It sounds too good to be true but they seem legitimate to me. This particular group of Tea Party patriots are sick of being called racists and nutjobs. According to their belief statement, they “manned up and realized that the problem is that the recession began during the previous administration. And while it certainly worsened for the first year of Obama‚Äôs term, there are now signs that the economy is slowly improving. Unemployment is reducing and we are more secure now that bin Laden is no longer walking the earth.”

They then “looked at the situation with clear heads and realized that barring any true, qualified leader on the right, Obama is the only choice for 2012.”

It may be hard to believe but a Tea Party group is in fact endorsing President Obama over every single Republican still in the Presidential field. That’s a total switch from the racist, ignorant, uncaring, hateful, and uncompromising Tea Party that we know so well. Tea Party for Obama understands that President Obama did not start the recession and they see that the economy shows improvement because of policies the President has enacted. They also understand that President Obama has taken the fight to the terrorists and is keeping America safe. This Tea Party group is clearly different and we should congratulate them for being reasonable and sane. If you want to show them your appreciation, visit their website at