Florida GOP Considers Bill Which Would Allow Student Government To Vote For School Prayer Over Objection Of Religious Minorities

School sponsored prayer has been unconstitutional for years. This is because a publicly funded school cannot put one religious group over another. It would alienate those who practice different religions or none at all. But a new bill in the Florida Senate would circumvent the Constitution by allowing student government to vote for the kind of school prayer they want over the objections of religious minorities.

According to the ACLU of Florida, Senate Bill 98 “would let school districts overrule the objections of religious minorities and organize school-sponsored prayer under the banner of student government. Under the bill, school officials would be able to skirt the Constitutional protections of religious liberty by letting students actually vote on what kind of prayers the school will allow and conduct.”

So if the student government votes to organize school-sponsored Christian prayer, they can do so while ignoring objections from Muslims, Jews, and Atheists. In other words, students can now force religion upon other students. Of course students could sue the school in court to have this reversed if it should pass but we all know what Christians do when they don’t get their way. In Rhode Island, a high school girl has been threatened violently multiple times by her own classmates for her successful effort to have a Christian prayer mural removed from school grounds. Should students object to Christian prayer enacted by student governments, they can expect the same kind of persecution. The Florida bill is a bad bill. It lets students violate the religious freedom of other students, who only go to school to learn. They don’t want to be preached to or converted against their will. Hopefully, the bill will die in the Senate so that religious liberty can reign supreme. Just like the Founding Fathers intended.