Mitt Romney Booed By GOP Debate Audience For Being The Son Of An Illegal Immigrant From Mexico

Who would have thought this scenario was possible? For the longest time, Mitt Romney has presented himself as American as apple pie and baseball. But he’s been hiding a dark secret. To use the language of the depressingly large contingent of tinfoil hat wearing conservatives, he was nothing but an “anchor baby.” That’s right. Mitt Romney is the son of an illegal immigrant from Mexico and the Republican audience at Sunday’s debate booed him for it.

During the Mexican Revolution, a five old George Romney, Mitt’s father, entered the United States illegally with his family. The Romney family had originally fled to Mexico to escape persecution in the United States because of their Mormon beliefs (specifically their polygamy). Many years passed and George was born in Mexico.  As all REAL conservative Americans know, being born in another country automatically makes you a citizen of that country.

Sure, Mitt’s grandfather was still an American citizen just like President Obama’s mother was when he was born in some country named “Hawaii” (often mistaken for Kenya by conservatives who are terrible at geography). Sure, the Constitution states that any child born to an American citizen is a citizen themselves no matter WHERE they are born (ask the GOP’s last presidential nominee, John McCain, born in Panama). But we can’t have a double standard now, could we? Remember, Birterism is absolutely not about race whatsoever. No way, no how. Absolutely not, At all. Even a tiny little bit. Really.

I mean it!!!

Therefor, according to the Right’s own logic, George grew up as an illegal immigrant, married, had children, and became Governor of Michigan. NBC revealed all of this last week. Now fast forward to the Republican Debate in South Carolina and this is what Mitt Romney had to say about illegal immigration.

“With regards to immigration policy, that those that come here illegally should not be given favoritism or a special route to becoming residents or citizens that’s not given to those people that stayed in line legally. I think we have to follow the law and insist that those that have come here illegally ultimately return home, apply, get in line with everyone else.”

And I agree with Mitt. He should “return home, apply, and get in line with everyone else.” After all, he should practice what he preaches, right? The Republican audience apparently caught the hypocrisy because they booed Romney for his comments.

Here’s the video:

Republican voters should also take note that should they vote for Romney, they’d be aiding the son of an illegal immigrant from Mexico in his bid to take over the United States. Obviously, it’s a plan that was set in motion decades ago. Romney’s great grandfather planned for his unknown great grandson to be President so he made sure that George Romney would sneak back into America and groom a son to make the ultimate power grab so Mexican Mormons could take over the free world, legalize polygamy everywhere, and convert everyone to the Mormon religion. It’s a plot I tell you! A secret plot! Where’s Mitt’s birth certificate?! Where’s his father’s birth certificate?! I demand to see it! Don’t fall for it Republicans! It’s a trap! You must do your duty as pure-blooded true Americans and vote for a real American like Rick Santorum. To do otherwise would put America at risk!