Corporate Tool Chuck Todd Goes After Stephen Colbert For Exposing Corporate Tool Electoral System (VIDEO)

NBC’s Chuck Todd, best known as “not Tim Russert,” criticized Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for their publicized attempts to expose the inequities of post-Citizens United campaign laws.

In a panel discussion at Winthrop University, Todd was asked about Colbert, his more than satirical Super PAC and his potential run for “President of the United States of South Carolina.” Todd accused Colbert of making a mockery of the system.

While acknowledging that the political process is “a mess,” Todd says that Colbert is trying to influence the election in an anti-Republican way by “marginalizing the Republican candidates.”

Here’s the video:

Of course Colbert and Stewart are marginalizing the Republican candidates…by typically using the candidates’ very own words. It is the Republicans that are campaigning only toward the racist margins of society. It is the media in general that reduces a candidate to a single sound bite.

Where would our nation be today if Al Gore had not been marginalized for being too “boring” in 2000? Where would our nation be today if Howard Dean had not been marginalized in 2004 for showing excitement? Where would our nation be today if John Kerry, a war hero, had not been marginalized?

The Supreme Court, with a hand up from Congress, has created a money monster that is eating our political system from within. The media (and Chuck Todd, who wouldn’t know when to ask a follow-up question if he was whacked across the head) has created the headline culture which marginalizes all who choose to participate in our democracy.

Stewart and Colbert are not the problem. They are simply holding a magnifying glass. It’s too bad that Todd is too cynical to look through it.