Newt Gingrich Uses Violent Rhetoric Directed At President Obama In Fundraiser Email

Author: January 20, 2012 9:08 am

Newt Gingrich is leading South Carolina in several new polls and his violent rhetoric towards President Obama may be the reason why. Not too long ago, Newt Gingrich told voters that not only would he “bloody President Obama’s nose,” he’d “knock him out.” Racist South Carolinians seem to be responding with glee to those remarks so Gingrich is including the threat in a fundraising email.

“From: RC Hammond – Newt

A Bloody Nose Just Won’t Cut It

Dear Friend and Supporter, Speaker Gingrich was recently asked at a townhall event how he would “bloody Obama’s nose,” and his response proved once again why he would be the best Republican nominee for President: “I don’t want to bloody his nose, I want to knock him out!” “

This is clearly violent rhetoric directed at the sitting President of the United States. The sad part is that it seems to be helping the Gingrich campaign. So when are the other candidates going to ratchet up the rhetoric?

Obviously this rhetoric plays well in the South but it’s still disgustingly wrong. Another problem I have is that none of the other GOP candidates are rushing to condemn these comments so the way I see it, they approve of violent rhetoric directed at the President. If a Democrat made these remarks about a Republican President, the GOP would be throwing a temper tantrum and accusing Democrats of treason and being un-American.


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  • Remember this come election time: The GOP says it is against government controlling our lives. Then the GOP wants to pass a censorship bill. They want to make birth control illegal in Florida. Life in prison for an abortion. They want to lock up petty criminals with a 3 strike rule but not wall street executives stealing millions. They have already tracked our calls, read our e-mails and tapped our phone calls with the Patriot Act which is anything but.

    The GOP being against government in our lives is just another big fat lie. The GOP wants government OUT of their lives and INTO ours. Read between the lines – actions speak LOUDER than words.

  • This stinking dirtbag will never be president and he will most likely bloody his own nose tripping over his own ego. Newt doesn’t have the stones to bloody President Obama’s nose. Settle down you fucking troglodytes.

  • None of them (Right Wing Candidates have the type of ethics or integrity that belong in our White House, where we are asking our children and youth to look up to them as role models and leaders. Respect these men that we know have no respect for themselves or show none for their families…NO, I would not want to tell my son or daughter that this is the best we could put forward to be in charge of our Country. NO! Of course we all make mistakes and none is perfect. But if your character and integrity was that reprehensible when you were in a public role before and you didn’t care, why would or should we risk such disrespect again in an even higher office the highest!! Why??? It is absolutely ludicrous for us to impose this on our Country!! OMG

  • Don’t you love the way that promiscuous Michelin man is “outraged” by the moderator’ question about his marital foul ups? Tough, Gingrich, you ignorant thug – if you don’t like the questions, get out of the race.

  • Hard to believe he is finding it “appalling” that his personal life: lying, cheating and suggestion of open marriage would come from this low-life’s mouth last night to CNN correspondent.

    Wasn’t he the man who joined with Ken Starr to bury President Clinton for his controversy? And then used the money for the investigation for personal use?

    This man is disgusting!

  • Stormin Norman

    Newt is pretty disgusting to me in every sense of the word. Yes, this is part of his Southern strategy to try to win South Carolina. I understand that this is only a metaphor he is using, but I don’t think South Carolina Republicans understand it that way. Of course, they also think the South won the civil war and that Gingrich could actually bloody Obama’s nose. I don’t think I’ll get a chance, but I’d like to see him try.

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