Georgia Judge Orders President Obama To Appear In Court To Defend Citizenship

And the birthers just refuse to go away. Ever since President Obama embarrassed the hell out of birther king Donald Trump by releasing his long form birth certificate, birthers have been desperate to keep their claims alive and have filed lawsuits across the country to have the President removed from the ballot in 2012. All of these filings have failed, that is until now.

A judge in Atlanta, Georgia has ordered President Obama to show up at a hearing concerning a complaint filed by a citizen of the state who contends that Mr. Obama is not a natural-born citizen and therefore should be removed from the ballot in the Georgia Presidential primary.

On Friday, Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi denied a motion for dismissal of a subpoena that requires the President to attend. The hearing is set for Thursday.

This is clearly a frivolous lawsuit brought by a racist fool who happened to find an equally racist judge. The President was born in Hawaii and he has released his short form and long from birth certificates. President Obama has better things to do than appear before a hack judge in the hack state of Georgia, like finding and killing terrorists and fixing the economy. That being said, President Obama should appear, bring his birth certificates and any other documentation he can find, win the case, and then sue the person who filed this lawsuit. This racist hick should be forced to pay all the legal fees, attorney’s fees, and should be forced to repay the taxpayers all the money it takes for the President to fly on Air Force One with a security detail to Georgia, not to mention all of the security precautions necessary to protect the President en route to the courthouse and inside the courtroom. That’s going to cost a LOT. And if this moron refuses to pay up, the IRS should garnish his wages and seize his belongings, property, etc. That’s the only way to deter other racist birthers from continuing to file lawsuits. More on this story as it develops.