Newt Gingrich Wants A Moon Base, No Word On If He Also Wants Lasers To Go With It (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich has announced he wants to spend billions of dollars to build a base on the moon. Whether it will be a military base equipped with lasers is unknown. I can see it now… Newt is channeling his inner Dr. Evil and will construct his evil moon base so he can hold the Earth hostage until the world grants him an open marriage. But seriously, what’s the story here?

During a speech in Florida on Wednesday, Gingrich told a crowd that he would build a permanent base on the moon “by the end of my second term,” and that, as President, he will speed up the process of getting a man to Mars. Presumably, Newt is trying to play to the NASA workers who are probably going to lose their jobs since President Obama cut the NASA budget (which the Republicans forced him to do because they refused to cut defense). Hopefully, regardless of the cuts, the space agency can re-tool for a brighter future. But, for now, Newt wants to obliterate “pacify” the Middle East so that’s not good enough. He wants an expensive ‘Death Star.’

Here’s the video:

To be honest, I love the space program as much as anyone else, but a moon base is not what America should be focusing on. It would require billions of dollars, and I can only assume that Gingrich would get the money by slashing programs that Americans need such as Medicaid, food stamps, and regulatory agencies that protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Because you know he’s not going to raise taxes or cut defense. I also question Gingrich’s motives here. I can only guess he wants a military base on the moon so even more nations can see America as a threat. Sometimes, having a military budget bigger than almost every nation on the planet put together just isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to go with Damocles’ Sword. What do you think Ronald Rayguns’ “Star Wars” boondoggle was about?

The mission to Mars is also going to cost an excessive amount of money and speeding it up is irresponsible. It will cost even more to hurry it along and would most likely jeopardize safety precautions. Plus, how are the astronauts supposed to get there? We retired the space shuttles in order to develop newer and better space crafts. All of which are still on the drawing board. It would be unwise to rush the development of these new crafts. Cutting corners gets you the Challenger disaster. Doing it the right way puts Neil Armstrong on the moon and gets him back home.

Gingrich is clearly pandering to the Florida space community but what he should be doing is talking about how he is going to create jobs for the millions of Americans who don’t have a genius level IQ because I have a feeling the geniuses won’t be voting for Gingrich no matter what he promises.