Subsidized & Not Too Bright – What’s The Matter With Alabama?

Author: January 26, 2012 3:54 pm

We're looking at YOU, Red States!

Some new statistics have come out recently, one detailing regional IQ scores and another detailing which states receive more federal money than they give. When paired, the results seem to be compelling: Alabama needs a lot of help.

What Mike the Mad Biologist concludes with in tongue firmly in cheek, provides us some very interesting testing results in regards to regional IQ scores:

NAEP math scores have been used as proxies for IQ (pdfpdf)*. If we look at the NAEP 8th grade math data for 2011, when we compare students with college educated parents who aren’t  poor, there is a about a twenty point gap in scores for any given state between black and white students (where a ten point difference roughly corresponds to one grade level). We know conclusively, based on studies in marginal journals edited by racists, that this racial difference is largely genetic (and we have controlled for a deleterious environment by excluding poor students and poorly educated parents). For instance, in Massachusetts, white students (with college educated parents who aren’t poor) have an average score of 312, while black students have a score of 291 (p less than 10-6).Meanwhile, Alabama whites score 293, with no significance difference compared to black students in Massachusetts (p = 0.49). The gap between Massachusetts whites and Massachusetts blacks is the same as the gap between Massachusetts and Alabama whites.”

Obviously, we can conclude that Alabama whites are genetically inferior to Massachusetts whites!! It’s science! At least according to groups that tend to wear white hoods…

Separately, the Tax Foundation has listed each state in regards to federal spending per state per dollar of Federal Taxes.  See charts here and here.

While the results are interesting in and of themselves, it is even more compelling when we combine the results of these two statistics with state policies:

 As businesses pull out of Alabama due to Anti-Immigrant law, Governor Robert Bentley pleads with car companies to stay.

Alabama immigration: crops rot as workers vanish to avoid crackdown.

Alabama Tea Party Caucus fights to eliminate taxes.

Alabama ranks 7th among states who take in more federal money than they pay in Federal Taxes. Their educational system leaves their students lacking when compared to other states, such as Massachusetts, who paid more in Federal Taxes than they took in. Alabama clearly needs to be subsidized! It appears that they are not able to adequately govern themselves. Perhaps we should install an Emergency Financial Manager like they’ve done for several cities in Michigan. Republicans thought that was a great idea since it took away the ability for those cities to have elected officials. They should LOVE that idea for a whole state!

Still, their IQ scores may be an indication as to why they denounce Socialized Democracy as evil. Or their IQ scores may indicate the reason for their denial of sciences and reliance upon religious beliefs, such as creationism. Perhaps it is the indoctrination of religious beliefs into the school setting which has left Alabama behind.

But in any event, it is both interesting and ironic that Alabama, who decries about the evils of socialism, is reliant upon a Socialistic Democracy to maintain itself and whose educational system is failing their students while touting the word of God as scientific evidence over evolution. Do the inequities in their IQ promote their policies, or do their policies promote the inequities in their IQ?


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  • Ted that would be a wonderful thing only if the feds do not have the right to tell us how to spend the money. Or that federal laws will not apply, such as EPA, OSHA, and Civil Rights.

  • I have known about these tax statistics for a while. Excellent job putting them to good use.

    Given these statistics, I propose a new bill to be put before Congress. It shall be called the “Ending National Welfare Act.” It will do exactly as you have said. “No State shall have their citizens’ share of Federal taxes paid to any other State except in the cases of natural or man made disaster, or in times of war occurring within the country (whether civil or from an outside aggressor). Every State must pay its own way and cannot rely on Federal socialistic welfare to cover the shortfalls of their own poor governing.”

    In other words, expose their hypocrisy by pointing out their dependence and DARE them to oppose a bill that caters to their own talking points. It would be beautiful.

    • What a wonderful Idea, But of course then the federal goverment gives up all rights to mandate their BS to the states

    • Henry D. Rinehart

      Ted, it’s an interesting idea, but I’d like to point out something you may have overlooked.

      If ALL of the information cited in the article is correct, and the conclusions drawn from that information are correct as well, then it is plain that the situation in Alabama, as well as in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, and the other subsidized states is quantifiable as both a man-made disaster and the result of aggression from an internal enemy. This would, unfortunately, mean that the bill you want to propose would not only NOT fix the issue, but possibly even end up funneling even more money into these states.

      I submit that the internal aggression from an internal enemy, I.E. Republican’ts and “Christian” Dominionists, have created a man-made disaster that relegates Force 5 hurricanes and Richter 10 earthquakes to the status of minor annoyances. The ongoing sabotage of these two supposedly independent groups has caused a marked drop in the overall (scored in tests) intelligence of Alabama citizens. This would probably correlate with the overall wealth and health of the average citizen, their average longevity, and the further graphed decline of future generations when current known trends are projected over the next 40 years.

      I would be unsurprised to find these correlations mirrored in the other subsidized states’ populations, which would also grant them the same man-made disaster/aggression/sabotage standing under your proposed bill. It would be much easier to simply accept that the Republican’ts and their good friends/butt buddies the “Christian” Dominionists are engaged in an ongoing state of war with the United States of America, and for the United States of America to declare war right back!

      Tax, at a high rate, EVERY church or church-based organization that lobbies or actively involves itself in state, local or federal governments. Accept the fact that Republican’ts are actively sabotaging our government at the local, state and federal levels and try them all, every single one, for treason. And all of the Democranks as well, just to prove we’re not trying to vilify the Republican’ts unjustly or unfairly. Make a trial for treason a requirement after every term, for EVERY politician, and every four years for each Supreme Court Justice, and watch how quickly we see an end to this frivolous and demented “legislation” currently being pushed through our various government arenas.

      Make comprehensive public education MANDATORY at the elementary/middle/high school levels, and no home-schooling or private schooling except where injury or weather conditions absolutely require it. With the computer, of course, this means never. College should also be mandatory for every American, and the best minds should be inducted into science research instead of Wall Street.

      Following these recommendations, I believe that we could literally take back our government and our nation within the next 12 years. Without taking these kind of radical actions, I am afraid that within that time frame or soon after we will see the final destruction of our Constitution and the inauguration of the Ecclesiastical States of Amerikkka.

      God help us all.

      • I agree that many decisions the GOP has made have been disastrous, the question is, what side of the Catch 22 do they want to come down on: admit they are human disasters and get the money or refuse to categorize themselves as such and lose the money?

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