Wisconsin GOP Votes To Break Native American Treaties

The Wisconsin GOP is attempting to pass a bill called Assembly Bill 426. Assembly Bill 426 is a bill that was introduced without an author, a bill that to this day cannot get a single person to claim ownership. What this bill does is peel back decades of legislation as it pertains to the mining industry. It allows mining companies to use land in Wisconsin with very little regulation. The reason for the bill is simple. The mining companies were upset that they needed to be regulated. In an attempt to counteract this they wrote a bill, without an author, and had it introduced. The Republicans then said that there was no need for a public hearing on this bill and would not allow public input. Wisconsin State Representative Janet Bewley disagreed and called a public hearing in West Allis, over fifteen hours round trip from the proposed site of the mine.

The locals showed up, despite the distance. It was then that a second public hearing was scheduled, at the request of the Democrats. This hearing took place at a small hotel in Hurley, Wisconsin, much closer to the proposed mine site than West Allis. At this hearing the people spoke at length and a local consensus was assumed. The consensus, however, was that while the locals would like to see mining, they do not want this bill. This bill is far too broad and allows for a $12 billion mine that would destroy Northern Wisconsin. Northern Wisconsin currently has a lot of natural beauty. There are also several tribes in this area, all of which have Federal peace treaties. Many of the tribes showed up today as the Assembly debated the bill. They worry for their land, their air, and their water. Smaller mines than this one have caused major issues. But rather than work with the tribes and local people, Republican Representative Jeff Stone said it was not his job to provide a seat at the table for tribes. They kept the bill as is.

Tribal land is considered its own sovereign nation. As with every sovereign nation, we have treaties so that we can keep the peace. It was agreed, by treaty, that these tribes would not have their resources infringed upon. This mine, however, would destroy their water and air, breaking the Federal treaty and declaring war on a sovereign nation. Treaties are not optional. The passage of this bill literally and legally declares war on the tribes of the north.

One day longer. One day stronger.

Jeremy Ryan

Executive Director

Defending Wisconsin PAC

[email protected]

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