Grover Norquist To Obama: Extend Bush Tax Cuts Or Be Impeached

Author: January 29, 2012 3:48 pm

You almost have to admire the chutzpah of Grover Norquist. For a man with no elected office and lacking the billions of the Koch brothers, Norquist exerts a phenomenal amount of influence on American politics. From his ability to force the entire GOP to pledge not to raise taxes under any circumstances (except on the Middle Class and poor, of course) to his latest act of arrogance in essentially threatening the President of the United States, Norquist is quite sure of himself.

In an incredibly smug and self-satisfied interview with the National Journal:

NORQUIST Obama can sit there and let all the tax [cuts] lapse, and then the Republicans will have enough votes in the Senate in 2014 to impeach. The last year, he’s gone into this huddle where he does everything by executive order. He’s made no effort to work with Congress.

Wow. Let’s ignore, for a moment, that the Right Wing working definition of “made no effort to work with Congress” is “give us everything we want or we will bring the gears of government to a standstill.” Just focus of the threat of impeachment.

The Constitution lays out the rules for impeachment as follows:

The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Despite the incessant screams of “Traitor!” coming from the Right, Obama hasn’t actually committed treason. He certainly hasn’t been caught taking a bribe so that just leaves “high crimes and misdemeanors.” This is more or less whatever Congress decides it is. Theoretically, they could impeach the president for wearing a black tie on a Wednesday. So, really, what Norquist is saying is that the second the Republican Party has a large enough majority in both chambers of Congress, they will impeach Obama for anything they can make stick.

This is one of the most cynical political statements I have ever heard. The GOP knows full well that the only reason they took the White house in 2000 was that Clinton’s impeachment has soured the public on Democrats. If it worked once, why not try again? To this end, the Right has been trying to fabricate a scandal large enough to initiate impeachment proceedings since almost the day the president was sworn in. They haven’t come close but that won’t stop them from trying and Grover Norquist has made it clear that a GOP majority will ensure that it happens regardless of the lack of justification.

The object here is not to hold Obama accountable but to either use extortion to extend the “temporary” Bush Tax Cuts that have drained hundreds of billions from the budget or use an impeachment on the flimsiest of grounds to smear the president. It doesn’t even have to be a successful impeachment, they just have to try and it will hurt the presidents’ image.

Once again, conservatives have stated, out loud and on the record, that they are absolutely not interested in the welfare of the country. They have been, are, and always will be, interested in regaining and holding power. How they get it and how they keep is irrelevant and the consequences be damned. If this doesn’t make clear just how high the stakes are for the 2012 elections, nothing will.


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  • If they can impeach over creative uses for a cigar, then they will impeach over anything. Abe Lincoln should have let the South go. Then Grover could be the president of Conservaville and we’d all be happy.

  • LiberalCommieHippieNazi

    junkwaffle has it more or less right. Trying Norquist for treason might stick. The others might be reach. However, consider this: threatening the President surely is an indictable offense. Think about it, if he were physically threatening the President, what do you think would happen? Now think how this is different. Ok, so he doesn’t get shot by the Secret Service. But arrested and tried? Definitely.

  • face it: we’re at the mercy of the stupids in the country whoo believe what they hear loudest and more about. right now its the republiturds and their bitching. wh

    at can be done?

  • As of late 2011, 238 of 242 House Republicans and 41 out of 47 Senate Republicans had signed Grover Norquist’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, in which they promise to “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals and business; and to oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.”

    Hitler instituted an oath of allegiance after becoming Germany’ Chancellor. The oath pledged personal loyalty to the person of Adolf Hitler in place of loyalty to their constitution. I don’t see much difference with the Norquist tactic.

  • Norquist was up to his neck in the Abramhoff scams, but somehow nothing happening to him. I guess when you buy the government like Norquist has, you get to use it as you see fit.

    “Moving money from a casino-operating Indian tribe to Ralph Reed, the Christian Coalition founder and a gambling opponent, was a problem. So lobbyist Abramoff apparently turned to longtime friend Norquist to provide a buffer for Reed.

    The result, according to evidence gathered by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, was that Norquist’s nonprofit group Americans for Tax Reform helped to channel more than $1 million from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians to Reed’s operation, and Norquist, a close White House ally, took a cut of the transaction.”

  • Norquist must know where all the bodies are buried. This is the only reason I can think of that all the Republicans lick the boots of this megalomaniac…

  • Cynthia Whitford

    right on

  • Dick Cheney, as defense secretary under Bush I, created the system of outsourcing much of what the military once did for itself. He left government and went to work for the company who benifited from outsourcing the most. He is paid a staggering amount of money by Haliburton. Cheney goes back into government as Veep, and pulls out all the stops urging war against Iraq. His former company makes billions in no-bid contracts………….And Obama is guilty of treason?

  • Actually the only reason the Republicans took the White House in 2000 was because they stole an election, not because Clinton was impeached …

    • One: Clinton was not impeached but the Ken Starr investigation clouded 6 years of his administration. Two: electoral votes went to some states because the race was close and it was close in some states because of not wanting to vote for the incumbent VP from the Clinton Administration. Voter registration malfeasance aside had they not dragged the Democrats through the mud [which they do because of a lack of merit in most of their arguments] it wouldn’t have been that close whether or not the Bush family hijacked Florida and Ohio.

  • Impeach Obama in 2014? So….Grover’s already given up Mitt and Newt for dead? Maybe he can support the Donald’s independent bid (as soon as the Apprentice ends, and assuming NBC doesn’t pick it up for a fall run, of course.)

  • Norquist shoud be tried as a traitor against the state, and collusion, corruption and racketeering and bribery.

  • Isn’t it strange that a powerful Washington lobbyist can wield so much power than he can threaten to impeach the president of the United States, not for crimes but just because they disagree with his political views.
    Norquist is admitting that he has Republicans in his back pocket and can make them dance when he pulls their strings.

    • Cynthia Whitford

      I still don’t understand why lobbyists aren’t being arrested and sent to prison for bribing public officials. Nor do I understand why the bribe takers aren’t being indicted either. I don’t care what anyone says; lobbying is out and out bribery.
      And we keep electing these thieves, well I don’t. I have never voted republican in my life.

    • “The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural”…

  • Norquist is the real embodiment of the 1%, not Romney. Romney takes advantage of tax laws, which are written by “men” beholden to Norquist. No one in this country does more to perpetuate the American oligarchy. If ever there was an enemy of the people…

    • You have it backwards. Who do you think backs fools like Norquist? Congress may be beholden to Norquist, but Norquist is beholden to men like Romney…the 1% of the 1% who are able to “take advantage” of such tax laws BECAUSE men like Norquist lobbied for them.

  • The GOP has tipped its hand. It sounds like they believe they’re going to get crushed by Obama (again), so they’re going to try the impeachment angle.

    This is where the Democrats need to “grow a pair” and call Norquist’s bluff.

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