Sean Hannity Says Bin Laden Would Still Be Alive If President Obama Had His Way

Remember when George W. Bush said this about Osama bin Laden, the terrorist responsible for 9/11?

“I don’t know where Bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It’s not our priority.”
~George W. Bush, 3/13/02

So when Sean Hannity said that President Bush deserved the credit for killing bin Laden, it was rather petty and absurd considering Bush largely ignored the hunt for bin Laden to begin a war in Iraq. Everybody whose mind is tethered to reality knows that President Obama gave the order to get bin Laden.

But that’s not what Sean Hannity believes. He thinks President Obama didn’t want to get bin Laden at all. During his show on Fox on Tuesday, Hannity had an exchange with Republican pollster Frank Luntz in which Hannity declared that we would never have gotten bin Laden if President Obama had his way and that his foreign policy is weak.

HANNITY: “They’ve got a foreign policy that shows a lot of weakness. I know the President will say they got bin Laden, putting that aside.”

LUNTZ: “And the public gives him credit for that.”

HANNITY: “But it wouldn’t have happened if he had his way, and I think that could be proven as well on tapes.”

Here’s the video.

I’d really like to see Sean Hannity show proof that President Obama didn’t want to get bin Laden, but he’d have to hire Andrew Breitbart to edit a bunch of tapes. It was President Obama who re-focused America’s war effort on finding and killing the world’s number one terrorist and was the President who boldly ordered Seal Team Six to helicopter into Pakistan and take bin Laden down. It was a nearly flawless operation that occurred almost ten years after the September 11th attacks that brought down the World Trade Center. If George W. Bush were still President, bin Laden would still be a free man and al-Qaeda would still have it’s key leadership in place. Since killing bin Laden, President Obama has ordered the killings of many other top al-Qaeda and other terrorist operatives including:

• Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader Anwar al-Awlaki: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda’s chief of Pakistan operations, Abu Hafs al-Shahri: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda deputy leader ‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman: KILLED

• Al-Quaeda commander Ilyas Kashmiri: KILLED

• AQAP senior operative Ammar al-Wa’ili: KILLED

• AQAP senior operative Abu Ali al-Harithi: KILLED

• AQAP senior operative Ali Saleh Farhan: KILLED

• Al-Qa’ida in East Africa (AQEA) senior leader Harun Fazul: KILLED

• Tehrik e-Taliban Pakistan leader Baitullah Mahsud: KILLED

• Jemayah Islamiya operational planner Noordin Muhammad Top: KILLED

• AQEA planner Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda operational commander Saleh al-Somali: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda operational commander ‘Abdallah Sa’id: KILLED

• Taliban deputy and military commander Abdul Ghani Beradar: CAPTURED

• Haqqani network commander Muhammad Haqqani: KILLED

• Lashkar-e Jhangvi leader Qari Zafar: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda commander Hamza al-Jawfi: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Omar al-Baghdadi: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda’s number three commander, Sheik Saeed al-Masri: KILLED

• Al-Qaeda senior external operations planner Abdullah Khorsani: KILLED

That’s an impressive list of terrorists who no longer pose a threat to the security of the American people because President Obama actually focused on the war on terror. And don’t forget that America helped Libyans take out brutal dictator and terror supporter Muammar Gadaffi on President Obama’s watch. Under George W. Bush, the war on terror was reduced to a secondary operation that lacked manpower and funding. All so Republicans could start a war in Iraq that has made us less safe by taking out the traditional enemy of Iran. Overall, Hannity has absolutely no proof that President Obama is weak on foreign policy. He’s also clearly lying when he says President Obama didn’t want to get bin Laden.