Who’s The REAL ‘Food Stamp President?’ Rep. Gutierrez Opens A Can Of Verbal Whoop Ass On Newt Gingrich (VIDEO)

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) took the House floor Wednesday to lay a little factual, verbal smack down on Newt Gingrich and the GOP:

“I have to admit that when Newt Gingrich first used the phrase “the food stamp president” I was outraged. But then I started looking at the facts. I did my homework. I crunched the numbers and I have to admit, food stamp president might be on target. I think we have to be willing to understand the numbers and speak the truth even when that truth might hurt. So I’ve come to the floor today with some facts and figures all sourced and backed up, because I know Newt Gingrich wouldn’t have it any other way. So let’s learn about the food stamp president.”

Mr. Gutierrez then takes us on a fact filled adventure with lots of interesting charts. Here are those facts and figures for your delectation:

  1. The food stamp president increased spending by more than 19 billion dollars
  2. The amount of people in the program increased to 11 million.
  3. Benefits were increased $27.38 per recipient, the largest increase under any president in the last thirty years.

Who is this giver of benefits? This food stamp president? George W. Bush. That’s right, you read it correctly. Mr. Gutierrez then goes on to agree that yes, indeed, there has been another food stamp president:

“Yet under another food stamp president spending increased by more than 9 billion dollars, the number of recipients increased by 7 million, and the amount of the benefit increased by $17. Yep. Show ’em who it is. Here he is, George Herbert Walker Bush was also the food stamp president. See it runs in the family, food stamp president senior, and food stamp president junior. It’s hereditary. A rampant family disease that makes them just wanna feed poor people. Hungry poor people.”

He then eloquently and with humor explains the benefits of the SNAP program  the nation’s children and “old people.”  He freely admits that President Obama also increased spending for the program, and he supports the increase.  This is probably the best House floor speech I’ve seen since Anthony Wiener called the Republicans “a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry.” I can’t even come close to having an ending to this article as good as the end of his speech, so I’ll let him have the floor.

“And this one’s for Newt Gingrich. Just in case-just in case, his food stamp president name calling was designed to make a political point; that he wasn’t quite so willing to come right out and say, of the recipient whose race we know, 22% of SNAP recipients are black. 34% are white. Because hunger knows no race, or religion, or age, or political party. Hunger is color blind, Mr. Gingrich.”

Here’s the video:


Feel free to pick apart everything I just said here!

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