New Poll Conducted By Conservative Outlet Shows 20% Of Republicans May Vote For President Obama In 2012

The Republican Party is tearing itself apart and many conservative voters are considering abandoning the sinking ship to vote for none other than President Obama in 2012.

According to a poll conducted by Wenzel Strategies on behalf of conservative publication World Net Daily, 1 in 5 Republicans will vote for or are leaning towards voting for President Obama in the upcoming Presidential Election in November.

World Net Daily says that the election this year is shaping up to be a repeat of 2008, mostly because of the political bloodbath between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul. When President Obama was matched up with each GOP candidate, a consistent 20% of Republican voters leaned toward voting for the President.

According to pollster Fritz Wenzel,

“The improvement in Obama’s prospects compared to the four remaining Republican challengers stems largely from two factors. First, Obama has largely avoided the political limelight while the GOP candidates savage each other with increasing intensity. Second, a smattering of evidence indicates that the economy is getting a little better, which helps the White House in the eyes of the voters. Secondly, the bloody fight for the Republican presidential nomination – by most estimations the nastiest GOP fight in memory – has really hurt the images of the challengers in the eyes of both Republicans and, especially, independent voters. For Republicans, each candidate carries with them now some taint that cannot be ignored.”

Each Republican candidate has their fair share of issues that are likely driving voters away. Mitt Romney’s tax returns have been a significant problem for him, and his comments about the poor haven’t helped him either. Neither has his constant flip flopping on the issues. Rick Santorum has waged a war against women, birth control, and homosexuality causing many Republican voters to view him as an extremist. Newt Gingrich carries baggage going back to the 1980s and his affairs just don’t appeal to more family values oriented voters. His racist comments also haven’t helped him much. And Ron Paul wants to pretty much gut the entire government, including national security which doesn’t appeal to a big section of voters. Each candidate has viciously attacked one another, revealing undesirable traits that have largely divided the base and turned off independents, thus strengthening President Obama’s re-election chances.

According to World Net Daily, if the election were held today, President Obama would defeat each Republican. The results are far closer if Ron Paul were to win the nomination, but Paul has yet to win a single primary and his numbers are still low. The strengthening economy has given President Obama a boost in overall approval and the fact that Republicans continue to obstruct and sit on their hands in Congress isn’t helping either. A new Gallup poll shows that only 10% of Americans approve of Congress.

The fact that 20% of Republicans may vote for Obama is significant news. It’s more than double the number of registered Republicans who voted for him in 2008. According to CNN exit polls for the 2008 election, 9% of Republicans voted for Obama. As long as the President’s Democratic base shows up solidly in his favor this year, the 2012 election looks to be more than just a repeat of 2008. It could be a national mandate and rejection of the extreme right wing agenda that Republicans have been trying to force upon the American people.