Catholic Priest Allegedly Told Child He Was Raping That ‘This Is What God’s Love Feels Like’

Author: February 12, 2012 5:09 pm

The Catholic Church has thrown a temper tantrum over contraceptives, abortion, and homosexuality over the last few years. Catholic bishops and priests have gone on the offensive, crusading against what they call sin, immorality, and abomination of the word of God. But the Catholic Church can’t seem to clean up its own act. Over the years, child molestation and rape scandals have rocked the Catholic Church. But instead of dealing with the problem, many in the Catholic hierarchy have largely ignored the scandal and some priests have tried to use their religious affiliations to escape justice or use God to justify their actions. The horrendous scandal has now hit California, where 200 Catholic priests have been accused of sexually abusing children.

Ray Boucher is the attorney at the helm of this investigation and he says that not only have “many if not all” of the 200 priests admit to sexually abusing children, “they live within a mile of 1,500 playgrounds, schools and daycare centers” across California. You heard that right. 200 priests that are under investigation for sexually abusing children live near areas where children play and learn.

According to NBC Los Angeles, one victim has detailed the tragic incident of a priest raping him. Dan Smith told NBC, “He would rape me and then say this is what God’s love feels like.” Sick isn’t it? Smith was just one of 500 people who joined together to sue the Los Angeles Archdiocese for sexual molestation.

“In 2007 the LA Archdiocese reached an unprecedented $660 million settlement with many of the plaintiffs without admitting any wrong-doing.

It also agreed to let the courts decide which of the case-related church files should be made public, including those identifying alleged and admitted predators.

But according to Boucher and court documents, the Catholic Church has since engaged in a cover-up. By Boucher’s account, Church officials allowed priests suspected of sexually abusing children to retire, flee the country or hide in rehab clinics until the statute of limitations on prosecution ran out.”

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So while the Catholic Church crusades against same-sex marriage, which is between two consenting adults, its own priests are busy molesting innocent children who are below the age of consent and can’t protect themselves. And while the Catholic Church says that contraception is immoral and against God, they refuse to protect the children that would be born if contraception were to be banned, from being raped by their own so called “men of God.”

But Dan Smith’s tearful story made me think of a man who once said that children conceived by rape “are gifts from God.” His words implied that God sanctions rapes to give women a gift and that’s why he opposes abortion even in cases of rape. I assume he also feels the same way when little girls are raped and impregnated by their own fathers. It must be a “gift from God.” This man is also currently defending the Catholic Church in it’s efforts against same-sex marriage and contraceptives. Yet, he has remained silent about the egregious sin of child rape committed by many Catholic priests and the lengths that the Church has gone to, to cover up those sins. That man is Rick Santorum, the current leader of the Republican Presidential field and the man who is held in high regard by the Christian Right. I wonder what Rick Santorum would say about boys who get raped. Is it a “gift from God,” as Santorum says when women are raped and impregnated? Keep in mind that a priest allegedly told a boy he was raping that “this is what God’s love feels like.” Will Santorum say that it’s different when a boy or a man is raped? In Santorum’s sick mind, when women get raped, they should be thankful for the gift God is giving them. It would be very interesting to know what Santorum thinks about Catholic priests and their obsession with little boys. I’m not saying that Rick Santorum supports pedophilia and I’m not saying he supports rape. But I think he definitely has questions to answer. And so does the Catholic Church.



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  • I believe that the Church has long since blown what credibility they might have had when they start complaining about contraception, gay rights, etc. There is a verse in the bible that says before you pick the splinter out of my eye concentrate on the two x four sticking out of your own! Trying to force outdated morality that might have been appropriate for the middle ages and then they neglect to clean their own house. There are catholics who are sincere and try to live out their beliefs. The leadership of the church makes it harder for those sincere people.

  • This is just sad and disturbing. I feel bad for the children that have been raped, and for those whose childhood was destroyed by someone who is supposed to be a man of God. Say what you will about the goodness and evils of religion, but in the end it comes down to the men who go against what is good, and hurt someone who is innocent…that they are the ones to blame. Those people who protect rapists also must be tried for their crimes, for keeping the corruption alive.

    As to the guy’s comment above me, “Daddycool”…that is ridiculous. To suggest bombing the vatican is just as sensless as these rapist priests.

  • The only problem with this situation is that next to nothing will be done! The “church” will whine and wiggle its a** for the “leaders” and the “leaders” will, in turn, drop to their knees for the “church” and “all will be right with the world”. Meanwhile, the children who were *RAPED* by these “churchmen” are cast aside while the politicians also bow down to the “church” and get on their knees for the “church”.

    Totally and completely sickening, but the problem is that no matter *how* many messages are posted here nothing of any importance will be done. The “church” will pay off the lawyers and politicians, the victims given a few dollars to “shut up and go away,” and life goes on.


  • If I was president I might consider the behavior of the church an act of war and bomb the vatican.

    The church and the repub party are the ones who insist it’s a war on religion.
    So I have to assume that they take that very seriously and are taking a warlike stance toward liberals. The rapes and coverups must be their version of an attack. Maybe it’s time to oblige them and give them the war they are insisting on having.

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